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    I’m hoping someone can give me a recommendation for a good dog food for my Rhedyn. Rhedyn has several health problems, EPI being one. First she was diagnosed with Perianal Fistulas (PF) (last fistula was over 2 years ago), next she was diagnosed with SIBO and then EPI Oct. 2011, and bloated Jan. 2012.

    The problem has been with her rubbing/scratching her face after she eats, until she has sores all over her muzzle and the hair falls out on her face. So I did the blood allergy test. Here are the results for food allergies: Duck=2 (2=low level), Yeast=1 (1=very low level), oat=2, Rice=2, lamb=1, potato=4 (4=very high level), pea=3 (3=high level). She also has some allergies to weeds, trees and grasses – but I don’t believe these are causing the problem because she gets weepy eyes and rubs her face every time she eats. I did think it was the enzymes (for the EPI – pork based), but according to the test, pork had a “0” score – absent or undetectable levels.

    Because she had PF, we switched her to a single protein source (fish), one that would maybe not cause any problems. We have not had any PF’s for a really long time (I think it has been more than 2 years). My biggest concern is the allergy stuff.

    Today I bought some cod (raw), mixed it with some sardines (raw) I had, mixed in some veggies and gave it to her. She loved it, but it is expensive buying the cod ($4/lb.). And it was a lot of work – I made a HUGE pot of it. Rhedyn is 90 lbs. and so eats a lot!

    Does anyone know of a good kibble that doesn’t have peas, potatoes, yeast, or eggs? Or is there new/more current information out there on the food these guys (with PF) can/can’t have?

    Thank you for any help or ideas!

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    Hello Marcella. I recommend because I have started using with great success Nature’s Logic. You must order on line most likely but it is so worth it. You can contact the owner very easy too, he always answers my emails immediately with any info. Nature’s Logic has even signed the Susan Thixton’s pet food pledge. I use the cat food and I have a pitiful old cat who has always had a brown discharge from eyes and I have used many brands hoping to clear this up. Nothing worked until I tried Nature’s Logic. They have dry kibble, canned and raw. Just wanted to let you know. Beth

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    Hound Dog Mom

    Hi Marcella –

    Blood allergy tests are very inaccurate, they often give false positives for foods your dog isn’t really allergic to and false negatives for foods your dog really is allergic to. The only accurate way to determine what foods are causing issues is to perform an elimination diet. Personally, if a dog is exhibiting food intolerance issues I think it’s best to do an elimination diet so you know for certain what the triggers are and which foods to avoid. An elimination diet would involve feeding a food that contains a protein source and a carbohydrate source your dog has never eaten before for 4 – 6 weeks. You would then gradually start adding in new ingredients, one at a time, and closely monitor the reaction to each.

    Here is some info:





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