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    goldie d

    My dog has very bad allergies to poultry and fish also has pancreas issues so she needs food that is lower in protein and fat. 24% protein or lower 12% fat or lower. Any help would be much appreciated.

    I will not do raw food.

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    Well, after a few hours online, I have all I could find:

    Addiction: Perfect summer brush tail 20% protein, 10% fat
    Kangaroo Feast: 21% protein, 10% fat
    Steakhouse beef & zucchini: 19% protein, 10% fat
    Figalicious: 19% protein, 10% fat

    Natural Balance limited ingredient diet sweet potato & venison: 20% protein, 10% fat

    That is all I found. You weren’t specific so I looked at nothing with chicken, duck or turkey. I also looked at nothing that has any type of fish oil.

    Not many options with the max protein & fat you’re looking for.

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    Ya know, I really hope this person comes back. It ticks me off when people ask questions, we spend a lot of time trying to help & they don’t come back.

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    How’d I know?

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    :/ sorry, Marie. This is why I don’t recall ever taking time to look for specific foods…. I always figure “if this person needs the food so desperately, it’s not that hard for them to take a while and skim thru DFA’s reviews themselves…”

    Maybe they just come on here once in a while and will still be back? 😉

    To goldie d: I concur with InkedMarie on those foods lol! Those ones and then possibly looking into canned or otherwise home made (I know you said no raw, but home made doesn’t always have to be raw…)

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    I only did all that research because I’m in my recliner, recuperating from surgery. Just pi**es me off when (I assume) they don’t come back. Because I’m on my iPad, it literally took me hours.

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