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    We have a 13 lbs dog who cannot eat fatty dog foods. As a result we make our own.
    Daily diet:
    1/2 cup of skinless chicken boiled
    2/3 cup of overcooked rice (1 chicken bouillon cube)
    1/2 cup of plain pumpkin
    1 egg white
    1/2 a vitamin from vetriscience
    I’m not sure 7 IU of Vit E and 500 IU of Vit A are enough.

    Should I give him the entire chewy tablet?

    Does anyone have a reliable gauge for how much supplement a dog his size needs?

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    Hi Boris-

    I would recommend getting a supplement like the one sold on BalanceIt.com that is meant specifically for adding to homecooked foods and making them balanced.

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    Is your little dog getting an entire bouillon cube a day? If so that’s seems like a lot of salt for a 13 lb dog. Maybe I am misunderstanding, and you are actually making a pot of rice with 1 cube in it that is divided amongst a bunch of servings of rice.
    I think I read that a 30lb dog should have 100 mg of sodium a day. Bouillon cubes can have 10 times that much. Maybe you have a low salt version.
    Just checking 🙂

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    Better yet, you can use the water that you boil the chicken in instead of the bouillon cube.
    Bouillion cubes are loaded with salt/msg.
    See my recipe for chicken broth

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    Thank you. Will check it out. 🙂

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    My mistake.
    I put 1 cube in the water every time I cook the chicken for 8 days (4 cups of cooked chicken) AND use the liquid to cook the rice. 🙂

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    My mistake.
    Thank you for the guidance.
    I put 1 cube in the water every time I cook the chicken for 8 days (4 cups of cooked chicken) AND use the liquid to [over]cook 2 cups of rice in 5-6 cups of water.
    I want to put flavor and salt in the food otherwise it does not have any.

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    Are you sure you are not projecting your preference for seasonings added to food onto your dog? 🙂

    Because plain homemade chicken broth naturally contains plenty of sodium. It’s not necessary to add salt to it.

    PS: MSG is bad for dogs (humans too) it’s in there, often under a variety of different names.
    Same thing with the canned/packaged chicken broth from the market.

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    Great point.
    I cook the skinless-boneless chicken thighs in plain water. I figured by adding the chicken cube I was adding flavor and salt, which a dog needs.
    Should I just add table salt to the water when I cook the chicken?

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    I would prefer a pinch of salt instead of a bouillon cube, if you think it’s necessary.
    The chicken water has flavor, remember a dog’s sense of smell is very acute and dogs love chicken.

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