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    Linda P

    I to like Kim have been looking for information about Mossy Oak Nature’s Menu Premium Dog Food and can’t find anything at all..
    I can’t find a URL to request a review for this dog food..
    It looked and smelled good and my Bella ate it but I want to make sure she’s getting a good canned food without all the junk additives in it..
    Hopefully they’ll have a site up soon so we can get more information..

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    kristi j

    http://www.sunshinemills.com/ They make Lassie, Evolve, Sportsman’s Pride…BUT they do not show Mossy Oak Natures Menu on their website…Makes me wonder why? I have bought two cans and my dog seems to like it. I too would like more info on this food.

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    Eric S

    Found this on Mossy Oak website “Mossy Oak and Sunshine Mills have partnered to introduce Mossy Oak Nature’s Menu super premium dog food. Available now, Mossy Oak dog food can be found exclusively at any Dollar General store, nationwide.

    “My professional experience has presented several encounters with the people at Mossy Oak,” said Sunshine Mills CEO, Alan Bostick. “I have come to the conclusion that they share several of the same values about life and business as we do. They are a family company with humble beginnings, just like us, and we are excited about our partnership with Mossy Oak and Dollar General to offer consumers’ dogs a super premium dog food at such an affordable price point.”

    Created entirely in the U.S with naturally simple ingredients, Mossy Oak Nature’s Menu dog food contains optimal levels of vitamins and minerals, allowing dogs to thrive through all stages of life. AAFCO nutrient profiles are met with these blends and there is no wheat, wheat gluten, or by-product meal. The first ingredient in both of the two available blends is either real chicken meat or real beef.

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    Ronda B

    I have purchased this food recently from
    Dollar General. My little elderly dogs love
    It and have more bounce in their step!

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    Orissa T

    So I started using this brand for my pitsky shiner, and so far there isn’t problems. Only weird thing is her poop is Orange. Same color as some of the food. Can someone tell me if thats bad? I feel like I should switch. But i am so unsure of what to buy because I’ve heard so many bad things about pretty much every dog food thats available.

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    Have you asked your vet (during routine annual visit)?

    I wouldn’t like that either. Food coloring? Take a closer look at the ingredients….

    I give my dog a carrot daily as a treat, so yes, I see orange carrot chunks in the feces, it’s not a concern.

    I have never heard of this food, so , otherwise I do not have an opinion.

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    Jenni C

    I have 4 huskies and seen at Dollar Feneral the Nature’s Menu to try it out. They all have had a couple bowls so far and have not seen any changes yet in there stools. If anyone has bought this food and have had problems with it please let me know a.s.a.p so I can switch foods. Thanks

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    Derek D

    I usually get either the chicken, beef, or turkey benefuls wet dog food for my dog as a sometimes treat instead of just kibble as she gets bored of eating the same thing. they didn’t have any the last time I went to DG but they had the Mossy Oak Chicken, Beef, or Salmon flavored wet food. One thing I’ve always noticed with the beneful wet food is she always burps really loud after eating it, then about 1/2 an hour later if that she’s at her food bowl eating some kibble and it does make her stool soft but still formed. With the Mossy Oak wet food (only tried the beef and chicken, don’t know that she’s ever had fish) not only was she full after she ate it, but there was no burping or gas or anything of the sort. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen her lick a bowl so clean before. For anyone noting that their dog’s poop is orange, have you seen the sizes of the carrots, etc. in the Mossy Oak food compared to the other wet foods? With the size of the chunks in that food I’m not surprised it might be turning their poop orange, but I haven’t seen any indication of my dog having an issue with the food, like I said it seems to go down better than the benefuls. The other thing I’ve noticed is when she eats the Mossy Oak wet food she seems to have a more complete bowel movement. Every dog will react differently to the same exact food so just part of being a responsible slave to their puppy overlords err I mean pet owner just keep an eye on how they’re doing with it and how much you feed them at a time when transitioning foods. Many dogs can have a sensitive stomach, irritable bowels, etc. and you’ll never know it until you feed them that one certain thing, etc.

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    Alan R

    I have been cooking for my 7 year
    Old Golden retriever for about 4 years. Liver,
    Hamburger, sweet peas,carrots, brown
    Rice and crushed up vitamins.
    We recently bought a standard poodle
    In hopes of a golden doodle.
    This is the only food I’ve been able
    To get the to eat regularly.
    I keep it on hand for the times when
    I run out of the home cooked food.
    I started cooking my own because of
    All the negative media about dog food
    In general. I would appreciate any
    feedback on this new food from
    Dollar general. Bad or good.


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    Joseph C

    Ok. Well I bought this food 2 days ago. I have 4 dogs. I have a bull mastiff who with in these 2 days has just had wet diarrhea and I would assume it’s the dog food doing it but to be honest I’m really not sure. Remember I just changed over 2 days ago. She has never had diarrhea before. They love the food at first. I put a bowel down they ate it up. I put another down about 6 hrs later they ate it up. The next day I put some down and it sat for the whole day with them only going to and from the food bowel off and on which is unusual. I usually feed them cheap of the cheap food or if I can’t make it out of town I buy kinda what ever I can. I’m not sure if it’s so nutritious that they don’t need tht much or what. I honestly thought it was good for them cause of their first reaction. Now I’m Nt sure. I hope it is just the change that is causing her to have diarrhea. Keep in mind I’ve never looked up or saw or even knew u were supposed to do a good transition. My other digs seem to b fine just not my mastiff. I’m sure I opened up the door for people to call me an idiot and so fourth I’m just b n honest. I’m scared cause udk if I should feed her this food or go back to my cheap food and do I do a transition?

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    Kelley A

    I ran out of Iams dog food and decided to try Mossy oak since the store was out of Iams. My 8 yr old GSD that is 130 lbs but not fat, just big, vomited for two days after only four bowls. We have switched foods before with no problems. I threw away the Mossy Oak and went back to Iams immediately. He had no more vomit or diarea after. I feel like that if he were a smaller dog, we would have had a huge problem. In 8 years, my dog has never been sick much less vomiting and had diarrhea for 2 days. I will never use this dog food again and do not recommend it to anyone.

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    Kelley: going from one food directly to another, which sounds like you did, can cause vomiting and diarrhea. If your dog is not used to cold-turkey switching, you should transition slowly.

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    Monica K

    Sunshine Mills (who has partnered with Mossy Oak) says on their website that they use “limited national advertising” to keep consumers prices low (so that’s why you won’t see a huge amount of information about it on the web) As for the food itself, it turned my dog in to a complete crack head after the first bowl! He ate two more bowls after that (of the chicken & veggies kind) and he’s NEVER ate that much before. Now he’s guarding the bag, growling at anyone who walks by (like we’re gonna take his stash) and seems almost hypnotized by the bag! I don’t know how he’ll do stomach-wise since this is his first day of it, but dadgum, it sure must TASTE good, the way he’s behaving! lol

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    Julie B

    It makes their stool red/orange because it is colored with beets.

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    Kay C

    We have been buying this brand for a few months now, and have had no problems. Our dog seems to love this food, but.. This last bag we bought smells just like wood. Yes, wood! Our dog will not touch it! I was thinking she may have some anxiety since we’re moving, but tonight I bought some Rachel Ray dog food (this is what we used in the past), and she gobbled it up! Why in the world does the food smell like wood, and I don’t mean a faint smell, I mean a strong scent that slaps you in the face?! This is really making me second guess using this brand of dog food in the future.

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    joanne l

    Well, did you get it from a dollar store? If so I wouldn’t put it pass it, probably wood dust.

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    “Why in the world does the food smell like wood, and I don’t mean a faint smell, I mean a strong scent that slaps you in the face?! This is really making me second guess using this brand of dog food in the future”.

    Head back to the store with the bag of dog food in question, ask for the manger and have him take a whiff.

    At the least you should get a refund, might be a bad batch, they may want to remove it from their shelves so this doesn’t make other dogs sick. The manager can complain to the supplier and maybe send the remaining bags back…it probably depends on whether they have had other complaints.

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