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    Diane S

    I am looking for a quality dog food with low phosphorous for my dog with kidney disease.

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    Michael C

    Solid Gold Lil’ Boss is low in phosphorus, and Lotus makes a low phosphorus dog food. I have a spread sheet that I created that has some low phosphorus dog foods listed on it, as I have a dog with kidney issues too. Most of the ones I have listed are Solid Gold varieties as they were very helpful and responsive when I asked them about it. I can share more later when I get on the other computer I have that spreadsheet stored on. This is a list I have suggested to Dog Food Advisor that they put on their web site as I think many people have dogs with kidney issues.

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    Hi Diane,

    If you need a low phosphorus food for your dog’s stage of kidney disease all of the foods sold in stores OTC will be higher than what is desired. AAFCO requires 1400 mg/1000 kcals and kidney diet are formulated with levels of about 1/2 that.

    Your options are to use a therapeutic food formulated for kidney disease sold only under vet supervision or to home cook

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    Michael C

    Solid Gold Lil’ Boss, that I mentioned before, is .88% phosphorus. Also, Solid Gold also has Sunday Sunrise with Lamb that is .73%, Native Sun with Buffalo and Dream Catcher with Rabbit that are .74%, Holilstique Blendz with Ocean Fish meal that is .75%, Leaping Waters with Salmon that is .81%, Mmillennia with Beef that is .85%, Fit and Fabulous with Alaskan Pollock and Wild Eye Dreamer with Duck that are .86%, and Star Chaser with Chicken that is .89%. I’m pretty sure my vet once told me that anything below 1% phosphorus is considered low, but check with your vet. Lotus has a senior dog food that is .50% phosphorus.

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    Hi Micheal and Diane,

    The phosphorus content of all these foods mentioned are far above what would be desired for a kidney patient and are not what would be considered low phosphorus foods. The phos level on a percentage basis for a kidney diet would be about .3% The Lotus senior diet at 0.5 % would be closest but as I said any OTC food will be higher than what is desired for a dog that needs phos restriction.

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    Hi Diane S,

    The only food I’m aware of is Dave’s restricted diet can. It’s phosphorus level is .17% as fed and has a G/A minimum/maximum of .02%-.22%. Almost every other commercial food adds phosphorus to meet daily requirements.

    Here’s a link to Dave’s:


    When you’re dealing with kidney issues, you should feed a wet diet (as opposed to any kibble) to help keep the dog hydrated properly. Home cooked diets are often the best option. The balanceit website will work with you vet and your dog’s particular numbers to provide homemade recipes. Another helpful resource is dogaware:


    Good luck with your pup. I’m not sure what type of kidney disease you’re dealing with, but I wish you the best.

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    Hi C4D,

    In regards to Dave’s restricted diet the as fed percentage of .17% phos is equivalent to 1478mg/1000 kcals which is above AAFCO min Phos level. They report Phos dry matter as .81% which calculates out to 1753 mg/1000kcals. If you use their guaranteed max phos level of .22% the level is 1913mg/1000kcals. All of these levels are above AAFCO and would not be suitable for a renal patient needing restriction.

    To be in line with other renal diets the company’s food would have to be at the low end of their min/max GA but their average as fed and dry matter levels are not that low. It isn’t a diet I’d use for a dog needing restriction.


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    Marjorie M

    There are 2 foods that we purchase. The moist food is ordered directly from the Robert Abady company which makes a low phosphorus/lower (but good) protein foods for both dogs and cats. For my 7 year (recently adopted) Lab with kidney disease we use Beef-based formula for maintenance & stress for adult dogs.
    The kibble we use is a Blue Basic Limited Ingredient Senior which is also low phosphorus/low protein. That is not the only food he gets but the rest is a meal regimen which is all fresh food.
    Yes, aside from baby carrots and lettuce, he is given 2 different dog treats which are seem to be within the acceptable range.
    He is also given supplements daily as well as probiotics and occasionally digestive enzymes along with certain protein in an attempt to keep the BUN levels withing normal range. BTW, his last CBC showed everything in the normal range!

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    Lynne N

    Why when I ask about a low protein low phosphorus low copper for a liver problem does the computer only give me info on kidneys I cannot get any help

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    Marjorie M

    You are narrowing your search too far. Just research “dog diet for liver disease” or better yet, “low copper diet for dogs”. There are dog foods for dogs with liver issues.

    Are you also supplementing periodically with a high quality vitamin B complex as well as E, K and C? Although it is risky to give zinc all of the time, it is a good binder for copper.

    You can also provide turkey and chicken but NOT duck. We use hard boiled eggs which are put into a food processor (or blender) and ground up, shell and all because calcium is a good phosphorus binder and eggs are an excellent protein source. I also supplement magnesium for my kidney disease dog to balance the calcium.

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