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    My rescue girl, white boxer Peetee ( 1 black eye) has been diagnosed with possible pancreatitis, in addition to other issues. This is heartbreaking for us. Peetee’s vet is a board certified specialist (internist) and has given me a script for either Purina Vet Diets OM, or, Hill’s PrescriptionLow Fat I/D. dry or canned fine.
    I was shocked when I saw how much corn, wheat, rice, corn starch chicken byproduct meal, barley, was in the Hill’s. Purina OM seems no better: corn, soybean meal,poultry by product, ANIMAL DIGEST (whatt??), wheat gluten and so on. These were the LEADING ingredients in both kibbles. These are low fat, all right. But the product details sound like cattle feed.
    Can anyone advise a decent low fat food for Peetee? The vet said low fat cheese, yogurt, and biscuits are O.K.

    I am so confused…..

    Carol Ann for Peetee

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    My pups lost weight on ZiwiPeak which is a raw dehydrated clean food of just different parts of the animal and vitamins. Took all the allergen guess work out and easy to digest. Other symptoms disappeared as well.

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    Grandma Lucy’s Pureformance Chicken lists 10% fat. Canine Caviar Special Needs lists 9%. There’s also a Suggested Low Fat Foods list on the Review side.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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