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    Leland W

    I have been using Premium edge Weight Reduction 1dry food for about a year for my Basset Hound and it has been terrific. Unfortunately it is being discontinued in November. I am looking for suggestions on a weight reduction formula that DFA rates at 5 stars. Please help!

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    Christine W

    I use Wellness,it has 5 stars.

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    John L

    I know this is not directly answering your question, however I thought it may be a good tip to share on the topic of weight control for pets. I stopped measuring food by cups for our two lab mix dogs since I found it to be terribly inaccurate. Instead I purchased a kitchen scale and keep it near the food and set to measure in grams, not ounces. Most bags of kibble we found have measurements in both cups and grams so it’s a simple change to make. If you already have a kitchen scale do a test yourself. Measure out a cup of food three times and check it each on the scale set to grams. I was rather surprised at how vastly different the amounts of food was in three different “cup” scoops.

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    I’d recommend Annamaet Lean or Wellness Core reduced fat. I did not check the star rsting but, IMO, very good foods.

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    Steve F

    Has anyone tried feeding less dog food and feeding apples and carrots when they give you the “where’s the rest of my dinner?”, look? Not much money in that method for the dog food companies.

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