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    april a

    I have a 6 month old mix breed pup with the rescue identifying only Pyranees but she is/will be smaller I believe – she is 33 lbs at 6 months old. But the vet suggested that it would be a good thing to have her on large breed puppy food.

    Another issue is that her eyes/innerlids are red, with one eye being much redder than the other with a little greenish discharge. The vet did not look closely and even though I expressed concern about infection she suggested that allergies were most likely, and possibly to choose food with no chicken. Then if after a diet change it didn’t improve, to use a steroid based eye drop. ( And I am still worried about an infection instead)

    But in trying to follow the vets advice, I am having a difficult time finding a large breed puppy food without chicken. I have found ONE but I can’t find any mention of it here on DFA although as a newb I might not be looking in the right place. The food I found is Fromm Family Grain-Free Heartlnad Gold Large Breed Puppy with RED MEAT. It has Beef, Pork Meat Meal, Peas, Lentils, Chickpeas, Potatoes …. Crude Protein 26 Crude Fat 14 Crude fiber 6 and Moisture 10. Can’t find mention of Calcium…

    Looking for advice, and if the above food is a good choice. Thanks very much.

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    Hi my boy suffers with Food Sensitivities & Environment allergies.. your best of doing an elimination food diet to make sure she is sensitive to chicken?? My boy is sensitive to chicken he gets red paws, itchy ears, itchy skin & sloppy poos, as soon as I feed cooked or raw chicken his paws went red & hot within 20mins, also when he eats a kibble with
    barley, corn, maize, gluten meal….
    “Taste Of The Wild” puppy formulas both are chicken free & no chicken fat….one is Pacific Stream puppy with Smoked Salmon the other one is High Prairie Puppy with Roasted Bison & Roasted Venison….your better off feeding the Salmon kibble. Fish is a cooling meat where beef isn’t my boy itches when I made him Beef rissoles now I feed pork rissole with sweet potato for dinner & the Taste Of The Wild Sierra Mountain Roasted Lamb kibble for breakfast, the TOTW Sierra Mountain is an all life stages kibble & can be feed to a puppy & is chicken free. send TOTW an email ask for some puppy samples & All Life Stages kibbles for a large breed puppy & their booklet so you can read ingredients & which kibbles are All Life Stages kibbles…their samples are pretty big..

    also BATHS are the best when your dog has environment allergies, I bath weekly sometimes twice a week depends if Patch is itchy & scratching after a walk…Baths wash off any pollen & allergen that are on their fur & skin & relieve any itch when you wash in the right shampoo I bath Patch in Malaseb medicated shampoo. I also wipe him down with Huggie baby Cucumber & Aloe wipes after going on our daily walks… http://www.tasteofthewildpetfood.com/
    Another chicken free kibble is “Holistic Select” Salmon & Anchovy & Sardine Meal Adult & Puppy Health is suppose to be really good for itchy dogs…
    If after changing kibble to an all fish kibble & your dog is still itchy red eyes then book an appointment to see an Dermatologist they are better then a vet, dearer but a Dermatologist knows all about allergies & the skin you’ll end up saving money vets just put the dog on a vet diet & give antibiotics & steroids….Have you tried an antihistamine?? especially her eyes are you sure its not a turned in eye lash?? that can cause irritation & infection, I’d see a new vet for her eye…
    besides the red eyes is she itchy all over her body & scratching, red paws or itchy ears?? she may just need the eye drops & be put on a premium kibble..

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    Hi April-

    Have you found the information on the Fromm large breed puppy food you were looking for yet? I’m “bumping” up your post to see if someone can chime in on that food in addition to the ones that Susan recommended.

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    Hi April-

    Fromm is a good food and good company. I would choose Fromm over Taste of the Wild and Holistic Select personally, simply because of the company itself. The Heartland Gold Large Breed Puppy has a 1.1:1 calcium/phosphorus ratio and a 3g/1000kcal ratio according to the numbers I used from their website from their technical analysis, so in short, yes that food would be good to use.

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    april a

    Thanks to all for the replies. Sorry I have been offline and slow to respond! Puppy and family keeping me way too busy. We did treat her eyes with rx ointment and they are much better and she is not particularly itchy and no rashes so I really don’t think she has chicken allergies.

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    Jody S

    Large breed puppy food without chicken:
    Sport Dog Food, Cub puppy
    Holistic Select LBP; lamb & oatmeal
    Solid Gold Wolf cub; bison
    Taste of the Wild; bison & venison
    Whole Hearted LBP, Beef. Petco brand
    Fromm Gold Heartland LBP; beef & Pork
    Null Freestyle LBP, salmon & turkey

    There are a number of dry foods available that Are not specifically labeled ‘Large Breed Puppy’ but do have appropriate calcium/phosphorus ratios and calories. Good luck!

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