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    Elizabeth B

    Great Information thank you all. But I’m confused. I have a Great Pyr 125lbs of love, and gets a lot of belly groin pustules. So I thought it was food allergies. Thanks for suggestion it might be environmental instead. Nevertheless, all the suggestions for good food for large breed are grain free. Yet studies came out in the last two years AGAINST grain free because of development of cardiomyopathy. In the studies, 93% were eating peas and lentils. Vet warned about this. So do you still recommend Gentile Giants or Pro Plan or Wellness simple? but maybe supplement? thanks

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    Sarah W

    Great info! Thank you for sharing this

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    Wow, so no one has posted about feeding a large breed puppy in 2 year, 5 mos?

    Are these forums still active? But just no one has had a question or comment about a large breed puppy’s diet?

    OK, well then. Here goes:

    I’m bringing home a large breed young puppy. Has the recommended calcium–phosphorous ratio changed recently??

    I’m used to the recommended ratio of 1:1 to 1.3:1 calcium to phosphorous.

    I’m looking at the FEDIAF (Europe pet food) guidelines and it appears to show a ratio minimum and maximum of 1:1 to 1.6:1 for early growth (under 6 mos).

    p.s. In case anyone refers me to the DFA best foods for large breed puppies, thank you, but I am employing different overall criteria for selecting best foods.

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    Hi GSDsForever,

    No real changes I’m aware of, though I have seen opinions from veterinary nutritionists leaning away from the relative importance of the ratio with the absolute values being the more important variable.

    I’d personally look for a Ca level close to the recommended NRC level of 3 grams/1000 kcals. and stay with company that does growth feeding trials on large breeds. The company I went with used Labs in their trials, the breed I was getting, and followed them for 18 months with Dex, scans radiographs general blood work, hormone levels … over 1600 data points/dog.

    I’ve been seeing some crazy nutrient analysis from smaller companies including one which reported that the level of Vit D in their food as 8 times the AAFCO’s Max limit , and another whose calcium levels , vit D and E were significantly less than AAFCO’s min in a diet labeled for growth. It is apparent from “conversing” with their “nutritionists” the companies have no clue.

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    Eric C

    Bringing a Bouvier home. I raised my Lab on Pro Plan Large Breed Puppy. I see similar high ratings on other foods of similar price points – Science Diet, Eukanuba, Royal Canin. Diamond, etc.

    Thoughts from anyone on what they have done used with me also realizing the Bouvier, though female, will be a bit bigger than my Lab boy and she will grow slower. Thanks In advance.

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    Hi Eric,

    Personally, during the growth period, I’d only consider brands that have fed their foods to and monitored the growth of large breed dogs throughout the growth period, such as Purina, Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Royal Canin, Iams/Eukanuba. IMO these companies have shown that they have a vested interest in their products and nutritional outcomes verses a company that does not employ veterinary nutritionists, feed or monitor dogs eating the products they make.

Viewing 6 posts - 2,501 through 2,506 (of 2,506 total)
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