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    Mike B

    No Orijen or Acana??? Interesting

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    Hi Erin,
    Have you checked out the new list posted by surplus yet? Diamond Naturals Small Breed Puppy formula seems like an answer for your situation. And yes, the Victor formulas you’ve mentioned got well above upper safe limit of calcium (Hi Pro Plus 6.3g/1000 kcal, Nutra Pro 4.5g/1000 kcal, Hero 6.4g/1000 kcal). Here is the link to the surplus’s post:

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    Elizabeth B

    Great Information thank you all. But I’m confused. I have a Great Pyr 125lbs of love, and gets a lot of belly groin pustules. So I thought it was food allergies. Thanks for suggestion it might be environmental instead. Nevertheless, all the suggestions for good food for large breed are grain free. Yet studies came out in the last two years AGAINST grain free because of development of cardiomyopathy. In the studies, 93% were eating peas and lentils. Vet warned about this. So do you still recommend Gentile Giants or Pro Plan or Wellness simple? but maybe supplement? thanks

Viewing 3 posts - 2,501 through 2,503 (of 2,503 total)
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