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    Thanks to this site, I found a great dog food for my two Chihuahuas. It’s Freshpet Vital Balanced Nutrition (Rolled). We’ve used it for a couple years now and until recently have been very happy with it. Then, the food started looking funny. It was dry and crumbly. I suspected that it had been frozen. I called the Fresh Pet company and they confirmed that this is what happens when their dog food is frozen. The lady says it doesn’t hurt it at all and agreed to send us a coupon to make up for the inconvenience. My question is this. If it doesn’t hurt the food to freeze it, then why is there a warning on the package that says to protect it from freezing? Anyway, I don’t think it’s the store’s fault. I’m thinking it was frozen somewhere between the factory and the delivery to the store. I hope I don’t have to research a new dog food again. Has anyone had this problem? Thanks.

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