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    Our Min Pin Bandi, 8 years old. He was on Prescription Diet W/D his whole life. Never had health issues until he was diagnosed with bladder stones about 3 years ago. He had the surgery to remove them and turns out they were the kind that can be treated with the right kind of food, so they put him on Urinary SO by Royal Canine. He did fine with the food. A few months later we did another X-ray to see if he had anymore stones and he did not. However, they did find a herniated disc in his back. They put him on oral Prednisone to help with this issue. On Day 20 he developed an acute attack of Pancreatitis and almost died. After 2 weeks in the hospital, he pulled through. The doc suggested we put him on a low-fat food to get his diet right to keep the pancreatitis from returning because he couldn’t say 100% if the pancreatitis was from the new food, Urinary SO, or the Prednisone. So, he was put on Royal Canine Gastrointestinal Low-Fat. A few months later, peeing blood, took him in…more bladder stones. Had bladder stone removal surgery #2 and switched him back to the Urinary SO to prevent more stones. Several months later, he had another attack of pancreatitis. The only weird he did right before this was eat an apple he stole from my toddler. This time not as severe as the first because I brought him straight in. He recovered. Food was swapped AGAIN because the vet didn’t know if the apple or the SO food caused the pancreatitis so back to the Low-Fat Gastrointestinal, because the doc said Pancreatitis was more life threathening than the stones and we needed to focus on that. Well, he we are a few months later and last night he couldn’t urinate…took him to the emergency vet, said he had 20 stones in his bladder, 1 blocking his urine flow, and 2 in his penis. So, back to the vet this morning for his 3rd bladder stone removal surgery. Needless to say we are at our wits in with our baby Bandit. The thousands of dollars we have spent are insane, but he is our baby and not helping him is not an option. So…my question is…is there an answer for a dog who is suseptible to both Pancreatitis AND bladder stones??? No one seems to have an answer for us. Multiple vets have called the food manufacturers who don’t even have answers. If anyonr has any advice, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you soo much!!!

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    Hound Dog Mom

    What type of stones did your dog have?

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    My bichon has the same issue. He is currently recuperating from his first bout of pancreatitis and is waiting for his 4th stone surgery. Diet had been hills ud which was high in fat. It did help with stones for 3 years until now. He’s now on hills I’d to help with pancreatitis, but it’s not good for bladder stones. Did you find a solution?

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    Teresa L

    My dog has started the same thing. Has anyone come up with a dog food that works for both. Having a hard time.

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    Kirsten W

    Luna is nearly 3, in January she had bladder stone surgery with severe complications and had to be referred to the specialist for an additional operation. It was one of the worst times in my life! She has since had 2 UTI’s and now a possible 3rd. Her last urine sample showed she still had crystals in her urine, she is currently on Hills c/d biscuit with encore pate, she wouldn’t eat the canned Hills food. I am so worried she is going to get struvite stones again! Can anyone suggest something else for her?

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