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    We are thinking of switching our Dalmatian’s food to Blue Buffalo to help with her itchy skin and paws. I’ve been trying to find the big differences between the Blue Buffalo’s lines, but can’t really see what separates each line except grain-free, high protein etc. I am hoping you can help me make a good decision for our girl so we can give her better food and help with all the itching! Thanks!

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    Here is a site on negative reviews on Blue Buffalo

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    I’m not a fan of Blue Buffalo.

    Tell us more about your dog; ie: breed; age; medical / nutritional needs; food intolerances / allergies. What are you currently feeding your pup?

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    We have a soon to be 5 year old Dalmatian who is currently eating ProPlan Salmon. We rescued her in March and her coat was fine. Since the summer she has been itchy and looks like a rash under her coat. She is also chewing at her paws. We thought we’d switch to another food to help/investigate if it was the food (Proplan worked for our other Dals) or see if maybe she had allergies to the grass (which another Dal had). I also wanted to give her a food that was more nutritional and not a lot of fillers, hence the Blue Buffalo. People rave about this, but I don’t like the newest posts that I’m seeing! Any other suggestions?

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    Hound Dog Mom

    Just check out Dr. Mike’s lists of 4 and 5 star foods – most would be comparable to Blue in terms of ingredients. You can also scroll through the threads to read the feedback others have left on the foods.

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    I do not care for Blue Buffalo either. It gave my dog diarrhea. Vet said it’s a very rich food.

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