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    Brenda W


    Can anyone tell me what to do when my dog that has IBD has a flare up? Everyday his stomach just gurgles and gurgles. He vomits a lot and won’t gain wait. It’s heartbreaking to watch him go through these symptoms everyday. I’ve been making his food and have given him vitamins. He doesn’t always eat his vitamins though. I’m worried about him getting enough nutrients from the home cooked food. Any suggestions? Is there anything I can do about the gurgling? And last but not least does anyone have a recipe or recipes that work well for a dog with IBD? Thank you, any ideas, tips, or info will help. I’m desperate for answers. Thank you,


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    Hi Brenda,

    IBD is an awful disease, has your dog had Endoscope & Biopsies
    done on Stomach & Small Bowel?? Biopsies will tell vet whats wrong?? my boy has Helicobacter Spirals + Gastritis

    What medications does your dog take? is he on an acid reducer or acid blocker like Omperazole 20mg?
    His rumbling grumbling noises is gasses running thru his bowel, it can be painful, my boy wakes up around 4-6am with these loud noises happening but not as much theses days since I worked out what foods he is sensitive too & NO boiled Rice it can irritate the bowel, sweet potato or potato is best to add instead of boiled rice, I make 1 piece of white bread toast & make the toast very brown nilly burnt then I cut toast into pieces or if you have Charcol tablet or charcol dog biscuit works good & stops the rumbling noises.. work out what ingredient is causing gasses & bad wind?? also Ive used liquid Mylanta 1 teaspoon/5ml stops the gasses rumbling thru bowel.. Ive read some pet owners use Degas, but find out WHY?? this is happening, re do diet, elimination diet, 1 new meat & 1 new carb.

    My boy has IBD mainly stomach & small bowel, when he eats a wet diet he doesnt do well, it seems to ferment in his stomach, then he burps & food comes back up & then he gets bad acid reflux 🙁 I feed 5 small meals a day & at lunch he gets a small wet meal only.
    The only food he seems to do best on is a dry kibble that has Sweet Potato & Potato that is either Pork, or Lamb or Turkey & Chicken, the dry kibble must digest quicker & move onto small bowel instead of sitting in his stomach.

    Here’s a really good face book group you can join heaps of help & answers…
    “Dogs with Inflammatory Bowel Disease IBD – Raw Feeding & Holistic Support” Group

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    joanne l

    Brenda I am so sorry to hear about your baby, did you try probiotic? maybe that will help him. You can sprinkle it on his food and see in a few days if that helps. I used Forta Flora you can get it from chewy or you can try some other ones. It says it helps with gas, upset stomach, diarrhea so give it a try. What kind of home cooked recipe is he eating now?

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    Steven L

    Hi Brenda,

    My boy Jethro has been diagnosed with IBD, it’s different in dogs than in humans. Basically, the dogs intestines attack protein as it enters and by the time it reaches the stomach it’s already bad.

    So the old chicken and rice doesn’t help.

    My boy ended up having his intestines biopsied to confirm this. He has been put on prednisone to help the inflammation and also he had to eat a prescription diet, currently Hills Z/D which has Hydrolyzed Chicken Liver, which basically means that the protein has been removed.

    No matter what regular food you use, it’s likely going to cause flare ups. I would consult your vet and perhaps the prescription diet will help.

    I hope this is helpful.

    Until you can speak to a Vet, I would feed your dog mashed potato and carrots. It’s the only thing that settles Jethro down after a flare up.

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    Robin B

    My Jack Russell is 11 years old and a rescue dog. I got her when she was 3. She has had every test known to man for her gastric problems except biopsies. My problem is she will not eat any of the foods she should for her IBS or IBD. The best days just keep giving it to her and eventually she will eat it. She won’t take any meds unless mixed in food she will eat. This dog will go 4 or 5 days without eating if she doesn’t like it. We have had her on wild game only, it worked for awhile. But her tummy always gets loud and gurgling again at some point. I am at my wit’s end.

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    joanne l

    Hi Robin, I am so sorry to hear about your dog. The only thing I can say is try Nature’s variety Instinct Limited ingredient diet, they have can and dry. I heard a lot of good things about it and especially for dogs with IBS. One of my friends dog has IBS and nothing from the vet helped until he tried this food he said it was amazing.

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    Hi Robin,

    Can you afford “Endoscope + Biospies” you need the Biospies for some answers other wise your going around in circle.
    Why she doesn’t eat is cause food causes PAIN, also is she on an Acid Blocker? Omeparazole or Pantoprazole?
    You’d be suprise how many dogs suffer with acid reflux..
    Is she refusing o eat the vet diets? they are very high in omega oils & can cause acid reflux, my boy gets worse on the dry & wet vet diets, especially the Hills I/d wet can foods they have digestive enzymes seem to make his IBD worse then he has a bad fermenting smell coming up from his stomach, smell her breath????

    Does she take Metronidazole? this really helps my boy with his IBD, Metronidazole kills bad bacteria in stomach & small bowel & has anti inflammatory aswell, Patch cant take Prednisone steriod he gets too many side effects.

    are you on facebook?
    Join this f/b group
    “Dogs with Inflammatory Bowel Disease IBD – Raw Feeding & Holistic Support”

    You do not have to feed a raw diet, a few dogs are on vet diets, cooked & some are on Raw & doing reallly well, Patch eats a dry kibble he cant hold the digested raw down he regurgitates wet foods 🙁
    I’ve started my boy on “Bone Broth” I buy from Pet Shop & put in ice cube tray & thaw 1 bone broth ice cube a day add some water & Patch loves it also Freeze Dried Mussles your girl will love 1-2 Mussels a day as a treat, feed foods that are high in omega 3 fatty acids to reduce the inflammation in stomach & bowel,
    Rumbling grumbling bowel is Colitis, what she is eating could have an ingredient she is sensitive too, does this Wild Game she is eating have Lentils? my boy can not eat Lentils he gets the rumbles, bad wind then diarrhea, alot of dogs + humans get bad wind pain, farts from Lentils….also is the fat% needs to be low to med, protein -34% carbs low around 30% & Kcals per cup under 360Kcals per cup, the higher the Kcals the more dense the kibble so harder to digest..
    Look for a single protein & 1 carb diet, have you tried “Wellness Simple” Turkey & Potato formula??
    the Wellness Simple has a few different formula’s, Lamb meal & Oats, or boil Pototo + a white lean meat like pork, turkey add boiled sweet potato & add some Pumkin, Pumkin soothe the stomach & bowel. They can lick some boiled pumkin off the spoon I was getting tin salmon in spring water small can draining the spring water & boil some sweet potato add 1/2 & 1/2 mix in bowl cover put in fridge & see if she eats some when you have just made it, if yes then next time take out of fridge & warm in Microwave a small amount in bowl just take off the chill..

    Also Slippery Elm Powder have you tried giving Slippery Elm Paste, go health food store to buy, add 1/2 teaspoon of the Slipery Elm Powder in bowl or cup boil the jug add boiled water slowly till you make a paste cool get those 20ml syringes pull up 5ml of the Slipery Elm Slurry & put side of her mouth back teeth & push teh plunger on syringe she lick lick & swollow it, the Slippery Elm Slurry is given 20mins before she eats?? it lines the esophagus & stomach..

    Try & join the
    Dogs with Inflammatory Bowel Disease IBD – Raw Feeding & Holistic Support group heaps of help for your girl….

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    Jennifer R

    My 4 yr old Olde English Bulldogge Rio’s belly began to swell on September 19th….within hours she was bloated and miserable. My husband rushed her for emergency care….Since then….she has been through a world wind of vets, testing, plasma transfusions, ultra sounds, Endoscopy, multiple medications, hospitalizations, intensive care unit stays, multiple vet diets and her biopsys have now been sent to NY for a particular dye test which we are told is the only lab in the US to provide this type of bacterial testing.

    We have followed vet instructions meticulously and have trusted a couple who did not know what they were doing. She has lost 38 pounds and one vet indicated “she can stand to lose some weight”. She was a health 72 pounds in September as she is a large framed dog.

    Many vets do not listen. They prefer to talk about their knowledge base and disregard our knowledge of the affect, behaviors and lifestyle of the pet we are devoted to and live and breathe with. We have spent nearly $20,000 dollars trusting the experts in an effort to save this precious child.

    With that being said, we have no confirmed diagnosis only symptomology such as PLE. She is on a hydro diet which is kibble and wet….Royal Canin products. She now refuses to eat. She refuses her medication. She is starving. Her backbone is pertruding, eyes sunken in, my beautiful best friend is wasting away. I can’t stand to watch this. She is mobile and tries to play some. She drinks plenty of water, still has diarrhea and stomach rumbling. The diarrhea has been since September. It’s horrible. My husband is home with her and provides total care 24/7. I do as I’m able, but I have my patients to care for at my job and work 50 hours a week just to pay for her care.

    I don’t know what to do anymore. Her blood work hasn’t improved much. She is starving. I need advice. Please anyone. Help us.

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    Hi Jenifer,
    Join this group on facebook
    “Dogs with Inflammatory Bowel Disease IBD – Raw Feeding & Holistic Support”

    What are her medications?
    Listen to her, as Meds & Food must be making her feel worse specially if its a steriod, Predisone made my boy worse, Metronidazole made him better & the Royal Canin Hypoallergenic wet & dry gave him BAD ACID REFLUX then Pancreatitis, I had an idiot vet wouldnt listen to me, when I told him the vet diet is making Patch worse, he’s up at 11pm swollowing gulping & growled at me, Patch has never growled at me, he was in pain. It kills your heart watching them suffer you feel soooo helpless..
    Is she on a ant acid reducer Zantac or Pepcid or an ant acid Blocker Omeprazole??

    Go to shop get a lean white meat, one she hasnt eaten before, Pork, Turkey, Whitefish also grab a few sweet potatoes, peel & cut up the Sweet Potato into about 1 spoon size pieces boil the sweet potatoes & cool then put pieces in those Zip lock sandwich bags, try & not let the cooked sweet potato touch each other but if a few pieces still touch its OK once frozen just hit the sanwich bag on the sink & the frozen sweet potatoes will separate..

    If you get Whitefish put in water & slowely cook, it will be ready before it boils so remove out of the water or steam fish, dont over cook the meat, with the lean pork my vet said buy pork meat & mince it yourself or cut the pork steak up small pieces & the same put in water & before the water boils the pieces of pork should be cooked, if you have a blender add the pork pieces & also add some sweet potato pieces blend all together.
    I give Patch 1-2 pieces of the cooked Sweet Potatoe all mashed up…
    or egg can she eat egg whisk a egg put in a non stick pan & make scramble egg or boil an egg & mash & add 1/2 sweet Potatoes, cause the sweet potato is sweet she will lick the sweet potato…
    Start with te Boiled Sweet Potato
    Did vet does Biospsies when they did Endoscope some vets are idiots & dont bother doing the Biopsies they think that they will see whats wrong & sometimes everything looks great but it isnt..

    Goats Milk get some & see will she drink Goats Milk, also Bone Broth is also very good to give her when she isnt eating & will help make her strong again, if she has stopped her meds then no point giving them with NO food this will make her feel worse..
    Join the F/B group heaps of people who have very sick dogs & 1 yr later have healthy dogs now..
    Did you ever see a Holistic Vet??
    Another thing is she having a weekly Vitamin B-12 injection?? this really helps increase appetite..

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