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    T E

    I just have 2 questions. I have a now 2yr old Bully, I am making sure I am getting him the right foods without going to the poor house. He is 105pds, 20 pounds heavier than was expected him to be might I add. I am looking for the right food for his diet. I have tried many kinds and to be honest he EATS any and EVERYTHING. If the food reviews do not have an actual star or number by it how do you know if its a 4* or 5* product. I was actually told to look at Natures Domain Salmon but there is no star by it. I want to make sure his protein intake and nutrients and everything is great for him. Ive used Victors, and also taste of the wild. I was looking into Bully Max but again, I am wanting to stay in a certain price range for a 40pd bag. My older Lab/German shep mix has been eating Kirklands Mature dog for years and seems fine. She is not as active as the Bully so I want to make sure he is taken care of. Can you guys assist me with suggestions?

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    Natural Balance Fat Dogs

    The ingredients are good. Feed twice a day (measured amounts) add water to the food.
    No free feeding (leaving food down)
    Increase exercise/walks as tolerated, as much as possible. I think you will be happy with the results seen in about a month.

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    T E

    No maybe I did not ask the question properly. My Bully is not fat at all actually. I just did not expect him to get as big as he is. His mom was 80pds and his dad was a 95pd male. He was one of the smaller pups when I got him. He is actually quite lean. Maybe too lean, and that is why I want to make sure I am giving him a good source of nutrition. Sorry if I did not explain myself completely.

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    Oops! I misunderstood,
    I thought you were looking to trim him down a bit.

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    Hi T E-

    What did your breeder use? I don’t know a whole lot about Bully Max, but I have seen some in the Am Bully and Exotic Bully scene say good things about it. Not that I’m a huge fan of them but that is what DDK9 uses (if you’re familiar with Hulk).

    I feed my Am Staff Purina Pro Plan. He has great muscle definition and he’s at a great weight. Great coat, no skin issues (he’s blue and white).

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    “He EATS any and EVERYTHING”….he’s a dog. He can only eat what you give him.

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    Hi T E,
    if you want to start feeding a healthy diet then start adding some fresh raw foods or fresh cooked foods to his diet, chicken frames, turkey legs, chicken is the softest bone, stay away from chicken necks, the chicken necks just have fat & bone no meat, not that great, also rotate between a few different brands of kibbles with different proteins, so he’s not eating the same brand & protein 24/7…..
    Follow “Rodney Habib” on his face book page he’s into feeding a healthy raw diet & feeding healthy whole foods to prevent cancer… they did a study for all the kibble feeders & they found by adding 1-2 tablespoons of fresh whole foods to the dogs bowl of kibble reduces their chances of your dog getting cancer by 90%, Rodney talks about it in the video, he also has heap of other videos, go to “Planet Paws” a lot of his video’s will be found there….

    Omega 3 is a anti inflammatory & it reduces chances of getting cancer, start adding foods high in omega 3 fatty acids, like tin sardines in spring water or olive oil add a few sardines to your dogs kibble, coconut oil, almonds are high in omega 3 fatty acids, I give Patch 1/2 of an almond & I eat the other 1/2 this way he chews the almond properly its the size of a kibble give about 3-4 almonds a day….
    Once your on Rodney’s page scroll down a bit & watch the video where Rodney’s holding up a sign that say Cannabil Oil the video has really good info…..

    Take baby steps, don’t feed all these foods all at once to your dog, he will probably get diarrhea work out which ones are the best for him & you, adding a few sardines to his kibble would be a good start, Aldis sell cheap tin sardines in spring water, also add some tin pink Salmon, the bones are OK to feed, just crush them they break really easy…..
    In the video Rodney also talks about when you open up a bag of kibble, as soon as it’s opened the air/oxygen gets to all the oils in the kibbles & they start to go rancid & oxides, so your dog isn’t getting the right amount of omega 3 fatty acid that he should be getting in his diet, same as glucosamine, when dogs get older people think they need to start feeding a senior food, that has Glucosamine, but you’d need to feed a heap of Senior kibble to get the right amount of Glucosamine needed for their joints, so your better off adding Glucosamine tablet supplement to your dogs diet also I forgot Green Lipped Mussels are great to add to diet, in one video Rodney asked Steve Brown if you could only pick 1 food to add to your dogs diet what would it be? Steve Brown said “Green Lipped Mussels, 1 tablespoon of Salmon & a pinch of kelp…

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    T E

    🙂 Inkedmarie, eats everything as in WOOD, TREES, plastic, metal and I even saw him just chomping on a rock. whicker chairs, balls. And I say eats, not destroys or breaks. He chews them up and swallows. I thought it was out of stress or something but does not seem to be the case.

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    It’s called Pica (excerpt from article below) https://www.vetinfo.com/pica-in-dogs.html
    I would go to the vet for an annual exam and lab work, and whatever else your vet recommends. Diagnose the problem first, then evaluate your treatment options.

    Diagnosing Pica in Dogs
    In order to find the causes of pica, the vet will require a history of the dog and will also perform a consult along with some tests.
    A complete blood count, a biochemical profile and urinalysis will be required to find if there are thyroid problems or a low red blood cells count that may point to iron deficiency anemia.
    Abdominal x-rays may be performed to determine if there are any gastrointestinal abnormalities or foreign bodies that were ingested and stuck in the stomach or intestines.
    An endoscopic examination may also be required to visualize the items the dog has ingested and see if surgery is required to remove these. This exam may also reveal if the dog has a tumor or is affected by the inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).
    Ps: It is not unusual for dogs to consume stuff that they shouldn’t, especially if they are left unattended outdoors.
    Indoors, dog proof the home.

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    Oops, I misunderstood. I thought you meant food. be very careful…beside the obvious, eating that kind of stuff may cause a lot in surgical vet bills.

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    T E

    No you understood correctly.

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