I dreamed that my dog was dead

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    Socks R

    It was so disgusting!! Do you think that this dream has a meaning?

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    Socks R

    I have been asking myself about this dream because I was very worried about it and thought it might be premonitory. In the sources I consulted (in case you are interested in this one and this other one), I drew several conclusions:

    1. Dreaming about dogs, and specifically dreaming about your own dog, is a reflection of the love you have for your pet, that you love it very much.

    2. When you dream of a dead dog, it indicates your fear that it will actually die. It is likely that it is ill or elderly, which triggers these fears to intensify.

    Also, from what I have seen, these dreams are very common, so it is possible that it has happened to you. I can only say that I am in love with my pet and I love it like nothing else in the world.

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    Janice R

    Just a thought… In warm weather with windows open, I have had dreams and woken to hear a male neighbor actively verbalizing threats related to my dog barking when his kids were playing outside of our yard. Of course, they should be able to play anywhere and my dog should not do what he was born to do.

    I bought a couple of easy to install Blink cameras from amazon, could not permanently install but they have some options. I bought another system which did not work well at night. Also bought Simply safe system and use velcro similiar to the two sided for picture hanging. You and your dog will sleep better at night.

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    Virginia W

    oh i am sorry to hear that. How are you feelling now?

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