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    Lilian B

    I think my boxer’s skin condition may be due to food allergy. His stool is sometimes also loose. He is currently getting Blue Buffalo Wilderness red meat and Weruva Jammin Salmon. From my research, a lot of hypoallergenic food contain salmon. Is that the least allergenic meat? What about rice? Even though he’s getting grain-free, as another post said, food still contain carbohydrates like potatoes. Which vegetable(s) are less allergenic?

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    A lot of foods claim to be hypoallergenic, however that is more of a marketing thing than a proven scientific fact.

    True food allergies are very rare in dogs. More commonly food allergies are mistaken for environmental allergies or food intolerances. There is a possiblity that your dog is intolerant to an ingredient in the Blue Wilderness. While it is very hard to give a recommendation for a food when you are not actually sure what your dog is intolerant to, or if food is even the problem, what you could do is switch to a different food with a protein and carb your dog has never had before. A limited ingredient food could be a good idea as well. If you don’t see an improvement, food is probably not the issue. Someone I know got their dog tested for environmental allergens and come to find out he was allergic to the wool blanket he was sleeping on. Food will not improve something like that.

    The best thing you could do would be to get in contact with a canine dermatologist to properly diagnose your Boxer’s skin condition. Especially if you have a Boxer that is predominantly white, they are known for having skin issues because mostly or all white is unnatural for them.

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