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    Tiffany A

    My husky is 8yrs old and we just figured out she has hypothyroidism. On top of that she has slightly elevated liver enzymes(we still dont know why) and high calcium (which we strongly believe is her parathyroid). She has not eaten a consistent meal for over 2wks now and I am stressing the heck out. She is on antibiotics and thyroid meds(theze only a week now) a pain killer for her back legs which we believe she has arthritis. I am completly tapped financially from the past three weeks of tests and buying her any food I can think of she might eat. I am at my wits end. My vet is stumped. She is normally very very food motivated. I have tried the following foods.
    Northwest naturals (her original diet which raw isnt the best right now with her body going through so much)
    Hills i/d (she ate ok for 3 or 4 days)
    Vitality (ate for 2 days)
    Pet pantry(cooked stew)
    Koha(canned cooked stews)
    Acana meadowlands(she was on before raw)
    Boiled chicken and beef with rice(chicken one meal beef the other ate for a couple days)

    She will beg for my food even thougb she knows I wont feed it to her I know she is hungry. She wont touch tripe I have tried gravy tricks,toppers,etc. Maybe I am switching to much but with all these meds she needs to eat something. She is already dropping weight from the thyroid meds and her energy is now through the roof. Its early but my vet agreed to lessen her does a bit because she has been panting and tanking water.

    I know no one here is a vet her anything but I just dont know what to do anymore 🙁 am I supposed to just medicate her and wait until she is hungry enough to eat here or what? She hasnt fought me on food like this since she was a puppy.

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    Give the vet a call, some antibiotics can make a dog nauseous. If this is the case he may want to change the antibiotic to another.
    Also, is she on a NSAID (pain med) those can cause gastrointestinal upset too.
    She may be experiencing side effects.
    Were x-rays/ultrasounds done? She may need more diagnostic testing, maybe there is something else wrong?
    There is an easy way to give a dog a pill, I would ask the vet tech to demonstrate.
    They shouldn’t charge for this, maybe you can arrange to bring the dog in when she is due for medication.
    Or, youtube may have some “how to give a dog a pill” videos.

    Forcing her to eat is not a good idea if she is sick, continue to tempt her and monitor for water intake, add water or plain chicken broth to her food (small amounts of food offered 3 or 4 times a day)

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    Tiffany A

    I have tried adding water to her foods doesnt help. I have tried just boiled chicken or boiled hamburger with no rice same deal eats for a day or two then refuses it.

    No xrays were done yet with her liver values high she disnt want to do anything with sedation until we figured out why. With everythijg going on with her we started with treating the liver issue supportiv3ly with some med to see if maybe it was an infection that just spread to the liver. Sorry I am not to clear on tbe whole thing with that. The first concern was getting her thydoid meds started and doing the retest in 3 wks to get tbe dose proper. She does want to do an ultra sound on her parathyroid and do one for the stomach and get a liver biopsy but there is to much happening right now in her system.

    She has been drinking more water than usual and panting since we hit the week mark of her thyroid meds so I asked if we could reduce fhe night dose by half and she said it would be ok.

    She will take her pills for me fine she just wont eat the food I give her :/ amoxicillion does make her nauseous but she isnt showing the usual signs of that.

    Sorry I know it feels like I am being panicky and difficult but after two weeks of this I am at a loss -_-

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    X-rays/ultrasounds are noninvasive and are done without general anesthesia.
    A biopsy just takes a second and is done with a very thin needle, the site is treated with a local anesthetic.
    At the most, a pill or shot, as per the vet can be given beforehand for anxiety and to produce mild sedation, so the dog will stay still for a minute.
    Panting for dogs is often indicative of pain.
    I would give your vet the green light to do the tests needed to accurately diagnose the dog.

    Just as with humans feeling sick and being in pain results in poor appetite.

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    Tiffany A

    Well I am completely tapped after $3k in tests the last two weeks to get this far. I am in the process of taking on a second job but I have 5 credit cqrds including care credit maxed after all this. I tried looking into a loan but they wont give me enough to cover what the next steps are. Her energy has improve q0 fold after a week on the thyroid meds but the tanking water and panting has me concerned. Thanks for replying I guess I will just keep trying with what I have.

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    Yep, welcome to pet care, nowadays.
    I also have a maxed out credit card related to veterinary bills. I gave up cable and eating out for my dog with allergies.

    My vet said, next time get pet insurance, he plans to get it himself for his next pet.
    At present, I have a dog that needs cataract surgery, it’s a long story but she is not adjusting to blindness very well.
    Poorhouse here we come!

    PS: Explain your financial situation to your vet, maybe something can be worked out

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    Kelsey J

    I know these posts have been awhile back, after reading these comments (Tiffany A)
    my husky has recently started thyroid medication and sounds like she is doing the exact same as your dog did. She hasnt eaten a good meal in weeks. I’m just wondering if you ever figured out the problem. I would greatly appreciate a response if you happen to read this,

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    Tiffany, I am so sorry that your Husky has hypothyroidism and elevated liver enzymes. I know how upsetting these conditions can be. I have found Dr. Dobias’ articles very informative on both subjects and hope they will help you and your girl, as his natural healing protocols have been super beneficial for so many dogs suffering from the same conditions.

    Hypothyroidism: https://peterdobias.com/blogs/blog/11014981-holistic-treatment-of-hypothyroidism-in-dogs
    Elevated liver enzymes: https://peterdobias.com/blogs/blog/11014997-treating-and-preventing-liver-disease-naturally

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    Kaz M

    I just read this and registered to participate. How is your husky

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    Elizabeth S

    My 8 yr old lab mix is going through exact same thing except not on pain meds. On antibiotics because his skin is a mess, just diagnosed 2+ weeks ago with hypothyroidism. Has energy now, losing weight(which he needed to)excessive drinking, panting. Acting weird. Now not eating his kibble, but will eat treats and loves his meds in pill pocket.
    I know your article is dated, but I am really curious to know how your Husky is doing now. I hope & pray better!

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    Carvani J

    If your pet is experiencing significant toxicity due to thyroid hormones, Fluid therapy can be conducted on it to aid in the administration of medications for nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea if needed. Additional drugs could include those meant to regulate signs like a rapid heart rate and uncontrollable tremors, and those which will help to eliminate the excess thyroid hormone from the system.

    If veterinary care is sought within the two hour time frame, inducing vomiting may be initiated along with other gastric decontamination measures such as activated charcoal administration. Oxygen therapy will be provided if beneficial; at the same time the fluid therapy may be slowly continued and the heart activity will be closely watched.

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    Kills F

    It is a sad story( https://beatlesdaily.com/2021/02/25/list-of-top-12-the-beatles-sad-songs/

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