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    Liz S

    My 2 year old chihuahua is a picky eater when it comes to dry and canned.
    Since she is not very active I think I need something with not too much protein? I’d like to do a dry that she can pick at throughout the day as well as a bit of canned in the evening.

    Any other chihuahua parents have any suggestions? Or what do you feed yours?

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    I’m fostering a 16 year old Mini Dachshund right now and am using the Wellness Toy Breed formulas. I love the looks of them, and she eats them as well. Wellness also has a Small Breed CORE (grain free) recipe out now that looks fantastic I just bought to use for treats for my 2 year old Jack Russell mix that eats raw and needs a low carb diet, but loves his treats. Not Chihuahuas, but they are similar in size 🙂

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    All our family and friends use Dogs For The Earth organic dehydrated dog food. My sister started us all on it because her picky yorkie drove us all crazy until she discovered this food. They make really good treats, too. This is their website http://www.dogsfortheearth.com/Home_Page.php Their website is very informative and has taught me a lot about feeding our dogs. Our whole neighborhood uses it, we get regular shipments right to our house every 2 weeks.

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    amber p

    Hi Liz,

    I would definitely recommend mySkinny pet treats. They come in a great variety of flavors and my Chihuahua Lovess it!:) They come in both mini treats and jerky. I’d say minis are perfect for small dogs!! And their packaging looks very nice. Give it a try!:)

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    Liz S

    I’ve read so much about how it’s a good idea to have 2-3 brands or flavors ( that you trust ) and mix in each feeding so they like all foods incase theres a recall or an allergy to something etc. If I chose another 4 star kibble 2 mix in I should be fine as long as it sticks with the important things to me like grain free. You think?

    I’ve tried my chi on Halo brand Turkey, Duck and Pheasant. She didn’t like it at all. She may have liked the chicken flavor but I need to pick something that her brother ( italian greyhound ) can also chew. Otherwise he uses his tongue and just laps it up doesn’t chew.

    I’ve had my eyes on the Wellness stuff. CORE in particular. So I’ll check out the bags and see what other brand kibble I could mix into it slowly. Of course after I switch them from Halo.

    Besides grain free what else do you think I should look for to make sure its good food like Wellness? I’ll only be looking at 4 star foods anyway so will be good quality.

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    Natalie C

    My Chihuahuas love Solid Gold Small Breed dog food. One is 12lbs and the other is 3lbs. I mix it with some ground turkey, kale, carrots, coconut oil and egg shells. Super late but hope this helps! Lol

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