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    Graciela G


    Any advice on how to make homemade dog food that follows the “SO” diet? My vet has just advised me that my dog should be eating an “SO” diet to help prevent bladder stones. She just had four removed. My vet also said that the “SO” diet might help with my dogs kidney stones as well. When I asked her she insisted that it can only be store bought which I found a little weird. I’m also searching online for alternatives but I thought I would leave a message here as well. Thanks!

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    Hi Graciela-
    Sorry to hear about your pup! You could try http://www.balanceit.com to formulate a recipe for your dog. However, if your dog has a health condition, they need to work with your vet a bit to ensure it fits your dog’s needs.

    I have a cat who produces struvite crystals and ended up with a life threatening blockage about 3 or 4 years ago. Since then, I have been feeding him Royal Canin kibble with an s/o index. They actually have five or six formulas with the s/o index for cats. I feed him the one called “Calm”. I think they have it for dogs too.

    He hasn’t had another issue. I also feed him canned and have a water fountain to ensure that he gets plenty of moisture in his diet.

    I believe the s/o index helps prevent further stones. I just don’t look at the ingredients. Just the results!!

    Good luck!

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    There are several types of bladder stones. The dietary restrictions for your dog will depend on the type of stones your dog tends to make.

    If I were you, I would go back to the vet and ask for clarification regarding the type of stones that your dog had that required surgery. Discuss diet options.
    It may be best to go by the recommendations of the vet that is treating your dog…..

    PS: I assume that the stones removed were sent out to be analyzed.

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    are you on face book? join Monica Segals f/b group called “K-9 Kitchen” you could still feed 1 meal thats cooked & feed the Royal Canin S/O Urinary wet can food for other meal till you work everything out…

    Have you looked at Hills c/d Multicare Urinary Care Stew?

    Hills Urinary Treats-

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