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    I have a 10 week old boston terrier who is small for her age, very finicky and not eating well. Her coat is dull, dry, and flaky, though we do live in the desert so that might to be expected. This is my first dog and I have a lot to learn!

    I’m interested in making a homemade diet, but really have no idea where to start. From the reading I’ve done it sounds like (and maybe this is just propaganda by the commercial companies) it is difficult to make a nutritionally balanced homemade diet for dogs. If anyone has any resources such as different websites, books, recipes, etc to help get me started, I would very much appreciate it.

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    Get the book by Dr. Becker at Mercola products. I am reading it now. You have to have the right supplements and foods. She says if your not going to do it correctly your dog will be better off on commercial.

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    Ryoko M

    I feed my dogs homemade diet for almost 5years.
    i have two frechies, and they have no skin troubles, their fur is like a silk, very healthy boys 🙂

    I am an instructor of pet neutrition in Japan.
    My recipes for my dogs are in my blog.


    It’s written all in Japanese,
    But you can see pictures 🙂

    Thank you!

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    Thanks for the info! Mercola’s website is down right now for maintenance, but hopefully it’s back up and running soon. I don’t know Japanese, but I will try to use an online translator 🙂

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    John N
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    pets c

    Hi i want you to read some of the very important posts of my blog. The things are very common in our homes and please check how vital role they play in your pet’s life.
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    2. Coconut Oil
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    3. Kefir
    Health Benefits of Kefir for Pets
    4. Eggs (there is a debate are eggs good or bad for pets, the article is simply an answer)
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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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