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    Lisa T

    Hi, first time posting on here but I’m kind of at my wits end. This is going to be long but I really need some advice here.

    So I have a 14 month old Cane Corso/German Shepherd/Great Dane/ Rotty/Lab/Pitbull mix. She’s a mouthful, I know. She favors heavily on the German Shepherd side and is currently 63lbs with the vet thinking she could comfortably get up to 10lbs heavier. Since she was a puppy she has been a picky eater – with me going through about 5 brands of puppy food until she actually showed interest in Blue Buffalo. When she became an adult I transitioned her to adult Blue Buffalo adult and she would eat, but she’s not a heavy eater daily. The vet told me not to worry about it because she was proper weight.

    Come to the present and she just had her routine physical exam and her yearly labs. The vets told me she had elevated levels in certain things but not to worry about it and that she had a severe UTI. I got the medicine for her, she’s been taking it with relucatance. Once I looked at the paperwork and started to lookup exactly what she was elevated in for her labs, everything had to do with her liver. Which, to me, seems like something I should maybe worry about. Anyways the vet also stated I should change her dog food from Blue Buffalo to a different brand and gave me no reasons. Just a list of what they recommend, which seems to all be owned by the big 3 food companies. As I researched her elevated levels and what they meant, her UTI, and the request to change the dog food, it all seems to point to maybe she can’t handle a high protein diet.

    So my long winded question for suggestions is : anyone know of a low – medium protein dog food that I can try? I know fish recipes tend to be the better option for this and I have successfully transitioned her from Blue Buffalo to Natural Balance salmon and brown rice and she doesn’t like it. She eats here and there but would prefer to not eat until she goes to a family members house where they have not so good dog food down for their dogs.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    My best advice for you is to listen to your vet’s advice! Blue Buffalo has had their fair share of lawsuits . Their ingredient panel did not match what is actually in the bag. They do not employ a board-certified animal or veterinary nutritionist.

    The “big 5” employ full time experts, do feed trials and own their own facilities. They include, Royal Canin, Iams, Purina, Hills and Eukanuba.

    We all need to give veterinarians more credit when it comes to nutrition!

    Hope your pup improves with a new diet. I feed Purina One to my pups with great success.

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    My yorkies liver issues were up and the vet put him on denamin and it was amazing. His levels are now normal. I feed my yorkie dr Harvey’s veg to bowl premix and add a different protein each week I hate kibble!

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