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    I have a 10 yr old Sherman shepherd/husky mix that I have been feeding Nulo longevity for the past few months.Had started that on advice from pet store when wanted to switch from the Eukenuva he had been on prior.Since he has been on this Nulo food,his stools have not been very well formed,and he has been having a lot of loose stool tried giving him pumpkin with the food on advice from pet store with no help.Want to switch to a grain free food- any advice on brands?

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    NutriSource grain free is budget friendly and seems to be a food that is easy to transition to.

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    Thanks for the suggestion.it is so confusing reading all the reviews.I want my Shiloh to live
    As long and healthy as he can. Rescued him from a shelter 5 years ago.He was fed
    Iams for years.Didn’t realize how bad that food was.He has a skin dander and sheds
    A lot,which may be a food allergy,so want to try him on a grain free food.

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    Hound Dog Mom

    Hi patk –

    Any 4 or 5 star grain-free food would be worth a try, you’ll just need to find one that works for your dog. Dogs are all different, so a food that is well tolerated by one dog may not be tolerated as well by another. It’s trial and error. Because loose stools are a sign of poor digestion, I would however recommend that you invest in a quality probiotic and digestive enzyme supplement to give in conjunction with whatever food you decide on. Enzymes aid in the breakdown of food during the digestion process. Raw foods are naturally rich in enzymes however when food is cooked (such as with kibble) the enzymes are destroyed. Most dogs eat kibble as the bulk of their diet and as a result their diet is devoid of enzymes. Some enzymes are secreted by the pancreas however a dog’s ability to produce adequate quantities of digestive enzymes decreases with age, so because your dog is a senior supplemental enzymes would be a good idea. Probiotics are beneficial bacteria found in the gut of any healthy animal – they aid in the digestive process, help to keep “bad” bacteria in check and boost the immune system. As animals age there is a significant decrease in the population of friendly bacteria residing in the gut making the addition of supplemental probiotics highly beneficial.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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