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    When my 2yr old GSD was diagnosed with EPI, we were feeding her Orijen with enzymes. Stools firmed up but not to optimal level. I have changed her food to Merrick GF Pork, which I love for her skin allergies, but still not the results I’m looking for. It is 17% fat/ 3.8 %fiber. I think I need to lower the fat content more. I was thinking about Wellness Core Reduced Fat, but the fiber is too high at 8.5%. Using 1tsp of Enzymediane 6X per 1 cup of Kibble. Does anyone have any suggestions for a low fat/fiber grain free better quality kibble?

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    How is her weight? Is it stable? If she is a healthy weight and not losing any weight, then considering her stool firmed up she is doing pretty good with the EPI.

    The first thing I would would try is a lower fat food. Horizon Amicus, Senior and Weight Management Formula is:
    Protein 30%
    Fat 10.5%
    Fiber 4.25%

    If the low fat low fiber option doesn’t help, you can tweak the dose of enzymes a little. You could try 1 and 1 eighth teaspoons per cup of kibble if she doesn’t have any bad reactions like mouth sores or diarrhea or vomiting, etc.

    Good Luck!!!

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    Hi Christine, Do u have this link you probably do, just scroll down a bit & there’s a few recommened foods (kibbles) for EPI dogs, apparently “Canine Caviar” products are getting great reveiws from EPI parents..
    Do you belong to a EPI Dog group either with Yahoo or Facebook as u’ll get more feed back from EPI Dog parents….

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