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    Mary B

    I wanted to share our experience with Greenies Petite Dental Chews.

    I had a Chihuahua that we gave Greenies Dental Chews to about once every 2 weeks. He absolutely loved them and it was always a joy to watch him as he ate them because when he was chewing a piece, he would look up at us with such happiness on his face.

    About a year after we started giving him the Greenies Petite Dental Chews, he started throwing up and having liquid diarrhea. We took him to the vet and he seemed fine. They could not find any reason for his inability to to digest food properly that caused him to vomit multiple times a day and have bowel movements that were mostly water .

    They referred us to the University of Tennessee Veterinary Hospital. We had to leave him for 3 days so they could do more intensive testing.

    As it turned out, he could not digest Greenies and he had a blockage in his colon and stomach. Basically big hard balls of Greenies. They diagnosed him with with IBS and kept him a week on a liquid diet with digestive enzymes until the Greenies finally passed. Than introduced him slowly to Canine I/D.

    After that he was fine. I don’t blame the Greenies. He just couldn’t digest them and they built up inside him.

    So, with that said, if you give your dog Greenies Dental Chews and he starts having digestive issues and all tests come back normal, tell your vet our story.

    It cost us close to $7000.00 to find out our dog had IBS and could not properly digest Greenies Dental Chews.

    We thought he would a degree from University of Tennessee for his time spent there and for being a good student, but we just got a bill and a few cans of Canine I/D. We still had a “graduation party” with our other pooches when he came home.


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    Hi Mary B,

    I’m so glad your dog is now doing well!

    I’ve held Greenies in a warm water bath and they fell apart, so I felt safe giving them to my little guy. What an ordeal! Thanks for sharing your experience.

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    Harper M

    Oh, is your dog fine? Luckily it was treated promptly and had a sensitive owner. My grandmother’s little dog also loves to eat, but sometimes my grandmother says it vomits. When I have time, I will visit her and take him to the doctor. Hope it’s okay

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