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    Courtney M

    Looking for suggestions between Fromm Gold and Canidae Pure. My 11m ACD has been on both puppy formulas but will be switched to adult after this bag of Canidae Puppy is done. Just looking for opinions and pros/cons of each. My main concern with the Canidae is the Diamond manufacturing, which is a fairly big thing. But otherwise she eats it great and has great poops and energy. My concern with theb Fromm is mostly the limited distribution, and I would be feeding her almost double what the Canidae requires. She was on the Fromm Gold Puppy from Dec-Feb when she decided she didn’t want to eat it anymore, so I would probably be mixing in canned. But they have no big recall history, and they manufacture their own foods. Just curious how others feel these brands compare and which would be chosen! Thanks!

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    Hi Courtney,
    Canidae is not manufactured by Diamond, when Canidae first started years ago I think Canidae used a Diamond plant to pack their new formula’s then Diamond shut down the Texas plant & Canidae bought Diamonds old plant in Texas & fixed it all up, Canidae is a small family run business that make small batches of locally sourced ingredients, here’s Canidae’s site, https://www.canidae.com/dog-food/products
    click on “Our Story” then Click on “Our Journey” watch their video how they started….
    My IBD boy does real well on Canidae on their pure formula’s & their Life Stages formula’s, his coat shines, I have so many people say, Gee he looks so healthy, but I do rotate all his kibbles at the time I was just feeding Canidae Pure Wild Boar… Canidae also make “Under The Sun” UTS it’s a bit cheaper probably cause they use chickpeas….. In Australia Canidae only gets shipped here once a month & by the 3-4 week Canidae is all sold out, so many people feed Canidae over the Australian made brands to their cats & dogs…
    If you go on Consumer Affairs site there is NOT one bad complaint about Canidae foods…..

    It’s best to rotate between a few different 4-5 star brands that both have a different proteins, this way your dog isn’t just eating 1 brand 24/7 & if something was wrong with the brand you are feeding your dog will have health problems, when you rotate between a few different brands your dog isn’t on a certain brand long enough & won’t have any health problems if that a brand isn’t balanced properly or has any contaminates & toxins etc if the kibble isn’t balanced properly rotating helps your dog get a more of a balance diet, plus it strengthen their immune system….
    When I’ve read some of the Fromm formulas there’s a lot of different ingredients & some formula’s are pea heavy, pea flour, pea protein, chickpeas, lentils…I would lookfor a few different brands & I open 2 bags & feed one for breakfast & the other for dinner or I ask Patch which one do you want to day & show him the containers & he licks the container or I have one brand kibble in one hand & the other brand kibble in my other hand & he picks the kibble he wants to eat…
    Have you looked at “Zignature” a lot of people love the Kangaroo formula & Zignature have just released a Pork & Catfish formula you could email Zignature & ask do they have samples to try or ask the pet shops that sell Zignature do they have samples…

    You have a few really good brands in America, if my boy didn’t have IBD, I’d be feeding raw & kibble, a lot of people in Australia feed raw kangaroo + kibble, my cat loves her raw + her kibble, Kangaroo is very healthy & the Kangaroos are breed especially for humans & pet foods & don’t has any toxins like fish do, same as turkey & chicken is the cleanest meats to eat….

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    Courtney M

    Thank you Susan for all this information! I had emailed Canidae the other day and they said they still use Diamond as well as Performance Pets and Hamilton Pets to manufacture. When I asked for which foods specifically were made at the Diamond plant I got told all the foods are made at all of those plants, except for the Under the Sun.
    She is doing GREAT with the Canidae Pure puppy she’s on now so I’m hesitant to want to change despite my concerns.
    I was only going to use the Fromm Gold which doesn’t have much of a legume base (duck, chicken meal, chicken, brown rice, barley) . She was on the Gold Puppy when she was little but she did have some gas, and with how active she is I would probably need to feed her a lot more Fromm then the Canidae to keep her looking good.
    I had looked at the Zignature before, but has more protein then I think she needs, she was on Merrick and Acana for a short time and she has nasty poops with higher protein.

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    Hi Courtney,
    I didn’t know that Canidae still use other pet food facilities to make & pack their kibbles, I wonder if the Canidae ingredients & kibbles that are made at the Diamond facility are getting tested like the Diamond pet foods are tested? watch this video http://www.tasteofthewild.com.au/quality-composition/food-safety/
    it shows a Diamond plant, I don’t know which one it is, you’d have to email & ask Diamond where are their new facilities, there wouldn’t be too many pet food companies with state of the art facilities like Diamond has, Hills, Purina & Royal Canine probably have these big facilities but I don’t know if they have the latest technology, I like how the Diamond ingredients are tested before being cooked & after the batches are made they’re tested as well before leaving the facility & the water they use to make their pet foods is purified, so Diamond are making sure they won’t have any more problems with their pet foods, I prefer Canidae being made at a Diamond plant but I wonder which plant the Australian Canidae & Under The Sun formula’s are coming from? I’ll have to email Canidae & ask..
    Canidae must be getting too many orders now & they can’t keep up with the demand.. I know in Australia people & pet shop owners started whinging cause Canidae kibbles were selling out very quickly, then you have to wait for another shipment to come, Canidae come the beginning of the new month, I contacted Canidae America & asked them what’s happening, Canidae said it’s the people in Australia that import Canidae they aren’t ordering enough for the demand in Australia, then Pet Shop owners started to stock the TOTW formula’s as well so people can change between the 2 brands if one has run out.. this is when Australian pet food manufactures heard about the demand for Canidae Pure formula’s & started to make Australian made high quality grain free dry kibble but the fat & protein is way too high for my boy & the lower fat & lower protein Australian made formula’s he didn’t do well on with his IBD..
    My boy does best on Canidae formulas that are lower in fat-15% & protein-25% & I feed “Taste Of the Wild” Sierra Mountain Roasted Lamb formula, TOTW seems to be the best for his IBD…

    Don’t put all your eggs in 1 basket, find another brand that has around the same Kcals per cup as the Canidae has but has a different protein that she’s eating at the moment…Has she ever eaten a Kangaroo formula? Kangaroo is very healthy, lean & a clean meat, I saw a brand called “Wild Calling” Kangaroo formula.. Wild Calling seems to have the most Kangaroo in their Kangaroo formula, they use Kangaroo Meal, the other Kangaroo formula’s just had Kangaroo, no Kangaroo meal….

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    Bobby dog

    Hi Courtney M:
    Did you mean Hampshire Pet Products? They make treats, I couldn’t find anything on Hamilton Pets other than the company that makes leashes and horse products, just curious.

    Nice to know they still use Performance for their cannery. I feed their canned dog and cat foods every now and then.

    I had received the same info you had when I was considering feeding Canidae a few years ago. Their CS relayed the Ethos plant was primarily a R&D facility staffed with a handful of employees and most of their kibble was produced by Diamond. According to one of Canidae’s founders Scott Whipple, “It’s a research and development center, so that we’re actually running products, feeding them to our own pets, before we launch them,”.

    The Ethos plant was formerly the Blue Bonnet Feed facility not Diamond. According to Diamond CS they have never had a facility in Texas. They currently have facilities in Missouri, South Carolina, Arkansas, and two in California.

    Here are a couple of articles about the Ethos plant:


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