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    Kathy B

    Our 2 year old has had her 2nd UTI since August the vet indicated we could try CD prescription food which is used when dogs have frequent stones but she does not. Also indicated a cranberry supplement might help. Does anyone have any suggestions? Switching to grain free, particular food that is known to help with this?

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    First, ask your vet if an x-ray/ultrasound is indicated to rule out bladder stones. Very important in my opinion.

    The main things I found helpful was adding water to meals and offering the dog frequent bathroom breaks, opportunities to urinate.

    I would go along with the prescription food at least till the dog has been stable for a few months.

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    Copied from a previous post:

    Also, if the dog is overweight, get the extra weight off, increase walks/exercise/activity.
    Work closely with your vet, when the dog has been stable 6 months to 1 year then you can talk about diet changes.
    “Dogs that get urinary tract infections and bladder stones tend to have a genetic predisposition, combine that with not enough water intake, not enough opportunities to urinate and you have a problem”.
    “Whatever you decide to feed, add water to the kibble or canned food, even presoak and add water. Take out to urinate at least every 4 hours (every 2 hours is ideal) stagnant conditions in the bladder are conducive to bladder stone formation”.
    “Always have fresh water available for the dog 24/7”.
    “Supplements are crap, don’t waste your money unless your vet recommends something specific for your dog”.
    Ps: You think the prescription food is expensive. Try emergency surgery for a blocked urethra.
    Been there, done that.

    Regarding cranberry: http://skeptvet.com/Blog/?s=cranberry
    Also there are prescription meds for stubborn cases, talk to your vet.
    Was an ultrasound done? Dogs can have more than one type of stone, such as calcium oxalate and struvite…that was the case with my dog that had reoccurring UTIs.
    This is not veterinary advice; consult your veterinarian.
    PS: Note recent question on struvite in comments: http://skeptvet.com/Blog/2016/09/science-based-veterinary-nutrition-success-stories/comment-page-1/#comment-121266
    Good luck

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    Corn silk has also been noted to be helpful with UTI’s. Because of the long drives to any vet in the area I live, many vets recommend keeping corn silk on hand to give at first immediate sign of straining until they can get them into the vet, which should be done ASAP. How large is the dog? Increasing the water content of the food may be helpful

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    Putting a cat with frequent uti’s onto an all wet diet 90% of the time fixes the issue. So I would definitely think about doing at least half dry half wet if not all wet for your dog. If there’s not crystals then an expensive prescription food isn’t really necessary. Just consider upping her water intake somehow other than just the water she’s drinking from the bowl. Potty breaks often, etc. just like you’d treat a human uti.

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    Kimberly S

    In my dogs case there was an ultrasound done and stones are NOT the case. My dog drinks plenty of water and goes out when she needs to. I work from home so she gets me when she needs to go. I let her out at least every 4 hours as someone stated. The last time she was on antibiotics it cost me a fortune due to the fact the culture showed 2 different bacteria and she needed to be on 2 different antibiotics!!! The Vet had no answers for me as to what was causing this besides her licking. I am at the end of my rope here and about ready to switch to another Vet to be completely honest. Yes, my dog needs to lose weight but I am unable to walk her right now due to my own health issues. But she has a yard to run in. I know that’s not enough but it’s better than nothing for now until I can get back on my feet.
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks again,
    Kimberly S

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