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    Jessa J

    Hi everyone,

    I have a 9 year old bichon with ckd and proteinuria. She has recently had 2 pancreatitis flare up’s which I’m assuming is from having her on Hill’s kd and also Royal Canin renal food, because they are both high in fat. This latest flare up was really bad, and I almost had to put her down. Luckily with some fluid therapy and prednisone, she is currently eating very lean ground beef and rice. Her vet suggested I try Hill’s ID, but she will not eat it and I won’t put her back on the other renal foods because of the high fat. She is very picky and almost wants to eat only protein, which is a problem with her proteinuria since she should be on a low protein diet. She will not eat vegetables. We tried BalanceIT, she will not touch it because she can smell the supplement powder.

    I have no idea what I can feed her, and her vet is no help to me in figuring this out, I am totally lost and desperate for some help. Is there any commercial canned food that is low fat with relatively low protein/phosphorus/sodium?

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