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    Mariana A

    Hi, I’m from Portugal and I have a 4 year old Bull Terrier bitch, with mite allergies, so she has to take a medicine for the rest of her life.
    I give her Orijin food, and I change the flavours every 2 months, because she gets sick of eating the same.
    Am I giving her the right food ?
    I just wanted to ear some feedback.

    Thank you

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    What medication are you talking about? Frequent bathing at least once a week with a shampoo like Malaseb, unless your vet advises differently, might help.
    My dog with environmental allergies and a sensitive stomach does well on Nutrisca Salmon and Chickpea (dry and canned) as a base. Check for prices and delivery.

    Check the search engine here for “allergies” you may find some helpful tips.

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    Mariana A

    She takes an imunosupresor medicine called Ciclosperina (Portugal). And yes, she does take a bath every week with malaseb.
    We don’t have Nutrisca here. :/

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