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    I have a ten month old German Shepherd who is having leg problems. We have taken her to the vet and had xrays done, and there is nothing wrong. I have do e some research and seen that certain foods aren’t as good for large breeds. I don’t like the food she is on right now (Beneful Puppy) because its not set for large breeds, and because of the other nasty ingredients in it. My problem is which food would be the best to help correct the paunches is having in her legs? We had her on the Purina ONE for large breeds, but she stopped eating it. I’m at a loss on what’s good for my girl.

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    Go to the forum below this one, click the stickie for foods for large breed puppies. I’ll be honest, at ten months it may be too late but hopefully someone else will offer better advice.

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    Solid gold wolfcub large puppy breed , orijen Large puppy breed , froom Large puppy breed, now fresh grain free large breed puppy food , ease into the transition , mix both foods for about 4 days then fully transition hope it works they are all great foods the best in my opinion for Large breed

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