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    Lori D

    I read here a few older reviews non favorable and outside here 5 star treats. Well after a few different varieties of their products the peanut butter seems to be the devil of gastrointestinal of 5 star rating. My two chihuahuas are ok but my Yorkie is done. The ingredients may look ok but not for my little ones. ( Kelp for dogs?, seriously? ) Only good is the rawhide free but it’s not worth it. I need a long use chewy for little dogs. It so settles them at night like a pacifier. Suggestions please.

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    Betty D

    I gave these to both of my Basset Hounds over a year with no problems but after opening a new package, within an hour both of them were in convulsions. I had to put both of them down – the same day. Poisoning, most likely the glycerin they have to keep them pliable. Never again.

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    Lora W

    I am so sorry to hear about your dogs. I am so upset about these bones. I have bichon he been eating them for a year now. Anyways he got so sick and I was up all night with him I thought he was dying. He was panting hard keep getting up he couldn’t get comfortable. He was in pain and was breathing real hard. Took to vet they said he had inflamed intestines. It didn’t cost because we had insurance at Banfield. Thank God!!!!!So put him on chicken and rice diet. He is much better. Now 2 days later my bosses bichon and yorkie mixed was eating them. My boss bought (2) 18.00 plus tax bags the chicken ones. I was giving him 2 bones during the day and one when I left. He got so sick and had to be put to sleep. I am not sure if he had something else wrong with him. It could of been more than the bones. I told his vet about the bones. I pray it wasn’t my fault feeding him them. I will no longer buy these bones. This should be against the law to sell these. Please don’t buy them.

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    logan R

    It is 2019, and DreamBone is still poisoning and killing thousands of dogs. They killed my dog too.

    Many of us have made FDA reports, but they’ve done nothing to stop them in the years we’ve been making reports. All of the top Amazon ratings for DreamBone are a 1 star and report sickness and death.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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