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    This is a new thing. The dogs now want veggies as their second serving of food!!! Am I missing something? Is there some sort of nutrient(s) in the popular veggies? I always give them veggies when I have them but now it’s like veggie crazy. Green beans, sweet pepper, broccoli, carrots (last resort carrots). They like the broccoli microwaved and the carrots. Yes I know they are spoiled rotten but what’s up with the ” I must have veggies” craving?

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    my 2 do the same, i rotate cooked squash, zucchini ,carrots ,broccoli, & green beans for their noonday snack my puppy Millie jumps on the cabinets she gets so excited.
    I guess if they go crazy better they go crazy for veggies than junk.

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    All that stuff is powerfully anti-cancer (cruciferous veggies, brightly colored veggies) and full of vitamin C and beta carotene and bioflavonoids. . . .

    I think it’s great your dogs want that stuff!

    My experience is also that our dogs want what we’re having . . . plus if you’re cooking things and it smells good, then you’re eating it . . . . I’m a vegetarian, plus don’t have much “junk” in my home. So my dogs want stuff I have, & having tasted some, like the stuff!

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