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    M A

    Hey Everyone,
    I have a 12.5 yr old rescue beagle that has always had a weird breathing (snorts and snores) but with our recent pollen season (in the Deep South) her snoring out night has gotten so severe it wakes us up at 3am. This has happen for the past 7 days. My sister has recommended what we us to do the kids every night before bed each pollen season: saline eye drops, saline nasal spray, washing her face and dose of Benadryl. We are going to give this a try.
    Wanted to see if anyone else had experience this and if so, what your suggestions may be.
    Thanks to all!

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    M A, I am also in the (Deep?) South of GA and we have pollen galore… I think it bothers me more than it does my little guy Bruno, but he has started sneezing a bit more these days. He seems to be fine otherwise and the sneezes expel whatever is in his nostrils, so that is good. If he had a similar problem to your beagle, I would probably wash/wipe his face, focusing on the eyes and nose, and wiping the nose may make him sneeze, so that may help expel some more stuff that is inside the nose. By “expel” I don’t mean that mucus comes out, never has with Bruno, just that the force of the sneeze may move the agitating particles out.

    I don’t know about the saline solutions and hopefully someone else would chime in on that, but I would try with just water for face (eyes and nose) wiping for a few days (the more natural, the better for me), and then see about the saline and the Benadryl if there is no improvement.

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