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    susan k

    Ok, after posting the article about the danger of grain-free (I’ve been feeding Wellness Core kibble for years) I give up. I’m going to home cooked. Does anyone have a good boneless, skinless chicken and brown rice recipe? And what supplements are you using? Years ago I had a very sensitive Cairn who I cooked for and got a supplement powder through my vet from a firm in California, but she hated the supplement. Any input would be appreciated, thanks!

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    Reese B

    I feel your frustration. I feel the same way! I feed some homemade meals ( not all because I don’t trust that I’m feeding a balance diet) but the supplements I use are
    – Dr. Diobas green min, (I’m going to try his mulivitamin called soul food too next time)
    – carna 4 sprouted seed supplement
    – animal essentials seaweed calcium (I’ve also used crushed egg shells for calcium)
    – feel good omega 3 supplement.

    For my recipes ill cook a big batch of whatever meat is on sale, and a little liver (usually chicken because it’s the cheapest), then i add a little cooked spinach or broccoli, some squash or pumpkin, some scrambled eggs, coconut oil, sunflower seeds, cottage cheese, and a little bit of fruit, then i blend it really well and freeze it in individual portions.
    I defrost it as needed and then i add the supplements to it, give it a stir and serve. My dog really seems to enjoy it.
    Hope you find a recipe that works for you. Please share if you do.

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    Gina M

    How do you know how much to feed your dog when switching to homemade food and has anyone ever heard of this dinovite supplement?

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    Per the search engine: /forums/search/dinovite+scam/

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    I only know of and that are supported by vets with PhDs in animal nutrition.

    I have formulated a few recipes using balanceit’s program supplemented by their own supplement. The dogs love when I actually make them one!

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    Carol C

    I’m going to start making my own dog food also w/ cooked chicken and veggies but I need to know what supplements to put in it. I have 2- 10 lbs Chi mixes that need to lose a few pounds. What else is appealing to them that I can add? I will make it in big batches and then put into smaller bags for a few days worth of feeding. Thanks for any help. BTW, I’m on social security so I need to keep it as reasonably priced as I can.

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    Hi Carol C-
    Did you see my post above? You really need to consult with a veterinary nutritionist to help you prepare a homemade diet. Most recipes on the Internet, are not balanced and can cause your pup damage over time. The two links above are a good place to start. Good luck!

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    Ena L

    Hi! everybody I am new on this site, it is so hard to find a good food, for dogs, I have a Westie she is 8 yrs old, We done the blood test for food allergies, according to the Dermatologist specialist we started seem it is not accurate, before to the test we feed her boiled chicken and she start itching so much, her feet always so red, so we ask our regular vet and he suggested the blood test, which indicate that she is allergic to poultry mix, soy bean, green peas, oats, kelp, corn, duck.
    We feed her now, lean beef, with carrots and potatoes, she eats good for the first day or two and then afterwards it is a battle, we have to beg to eat the food, we had try dry food, don’t even touch it, I order some grain free food from The Honest Kitchen, she doesn’t like that either..
    So now after the special trip 3 hrs away 12-14-18 to the dermatologist specialist she give us a special homemade recipe with Venison, we will try this new recipe, she is been suffering with ears infections, red itchy and inflame paws, Dr. says she has Staff infection so now she is taking doxycycline and ketoconazole every 12 hrs to clear the staff infection.
    We hope this meds. help her and she gets better.
    If anyone have some suggestions I will appreciate it. Have nice day.

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    Ashlee B

    I don’t know properly about homemade dog food. That’s why I want to some effective information from here. Please help me. Actually I have a pregnant dog. I’m looking for the best food.

    Here for you I have question. Now which recipes will be so much good for health. Can you share with some useful information with details. Thank you so much.

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    This is not the time to be figuring out your dogs food, when she’s pregnant. Ask your mentor or your trusted breeder what to feed.

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    Hi Ashlee, you should not attempt to create a homemade diet for your dog (especially a pregnant one) without first consulting your vet. If your vet is not educated enough on the topic, they can point you to one who specializes in nutrition. There is a lot more to homemade food than just cooking some meat rice and veggies together.

    In the meantime, I would get her on a good puppy food. Something with a decent level of fat, calories and protein. Foods like Farmina puppy, Annamaet Ultra, or Victor Nutra Pro to throw a few examples out there.

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