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    Yab O

    I usually don’t post anywhere, but after coming from a certain big website that has a section for dogs, I am a bit annoyed with the members who constantly judge and put down people and companies that aren’t part of or aren’t one of the giant commercial dog food brands. They put down anyone that says “Well my dogs were fine on this, I never had any issues, my vet said it was okay, etc.”

    If it’s not Purina, Royal Canin or Hills, then it’s automatically bad and wrong to give your dog. You also have to have pages worth of science articles so you can bicker back and forth with them. It doesn’t matter if smaller companies have certified vet nutritionists, have an in-depth food analysis for each product, have their suppliers listed, etc. If it’s not a giant commercial brand, then it’s not good. I asked questions like “What do you think about this food?”, and I get automatic replies about how -insert giant company name here- is better and that’s that.

    I’m not saying brands like Purina are bad, but there are other great brands outside of them.

    Why is that?

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    dean S

    Results of an in depth study were recently published regarding
    Illness & death of dogs that were fed non grain foods.
    What’s Your take on this?

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