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    Mary Susan S

    The website here proclaims a 20% discount at But they don’t seem to know anything about it. And “Click for details” is certainly misleading — all the button does is dump you at, no details provided. What’s going on?

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    Laura M

    I believe the 20% discount refers to their auto ship program. Their prices are great even if you don’t auto ship.

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    Stephanie B

    It’s a one time 20% off discount the first time you order from and include an item in their auto ship program. It automatically showed up in my shopping cart checkout when I created my user account (again it’s only one time so order all you need!)

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    Stephanie B

    Oh and I forgot to add…the maximum discount they’ll give you is $15…so mathematically it’ll be less than 20% off if your order is greater than $75 🙂 But like Laura said their prices are the best you’ll find so it’s still a good deal!

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    Mary Susan S

    Well, thanks for answering. Who runs this outfit (the Dog Food Advisor) and are they red in the face? I really think that there should be some sort of intermediary page you go to when you click the link that explains all this — especially the part about how it’s not a special discount AND only available if you want to autoship AND then only the first time. At that point, a new button could direct you to the website.

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    Mary Susan S,

    Not sure why you feel we should send readers on an inconvenient detour to some sort of “intermediary page” that “explains all this”.

    Especially when all you’re asking about is already visible.

    Please note that at the very top of every one of Chewy’s pages (including their home page), the company clearly states, “20% Off when you set up your first Autoship! Learn more”.

    Like every other company, Chewy has the right to set the terms and conditions of the discount they offer their customers.

    In addition, in “The Final Word” at the end of every one of the more than 900+ reviews on our website, we publicly state:

    “In closing, we do not accept money, gifts or samples from pet food companies in exchange for special consideration in the preparation of our reviews or ratings.

    “However, we do receive a fee from for each purchase made as a direct result of a referral from our website. This fee is a fixed dollar amount and has nothing to do with the size of an order or the brand selected for purchase.”

    Not sure what else we could do to make these terms any clearer. Or what else we could do to avoid annoying readers with display advertising to cover the costs of making our website completely free to everyone who stops by for help.

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