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    My 9 year old yorkie every 2 or 3 months has problems. He gags and sometimes throws up bile,making me think it’s a reflux problem but then he goes crazy pacing trying to eat grass, shrubs anything. My vet says it’s not bad enough to go to UGA for an endoscope. Usually a couple of cerenia stops it but Sept 12 th he wouldn’t stop. My vet put him on reglan twice a day for ten days and 5 mg of Pepcid. He just finished it yesterday and he was fine while on it. He says it doesn’t have anything to do with his diet. I cook different protein and give him THK preference and Dr. Harveys veg- to- bowl. I add peter dobias’s gut sense probiotic and prozyme digestive enzyme. I also give him a teaspoon of kefir every night. I am paranoid because in 2010 I lost a yorkie to renal failure. Should I wait and see how often he does this or should I go see an internist. I titer and do not give any vaccines or flea protection. I only give Heartgard plus because he’s a rescue and when I got him he had he. The treatment was horrible and I live in south Ga. any ideas or suggestions of test my vet could do. Thanks for reading this long post.

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    I had a Yorkie that lived to be age 16, as he aged, he would cough and gag, like he was having an asthma attack. It happened occasionally, the vet told me that small breeds sometimes have narrow tracheas, that would cause the choking sensation and discomfort and possibly the gastrointestinal upset.
    I don’t remember them offering anything in the way of treatment. This was a while back.
    Maybe this is part of the problem for your dog? If so, it would have nothing to do with diet, however a soft diet might be best.

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    Hi Weezerweeks,
    I’d be changing vets if your boy does good while on the ant acid meds then after you have stop the meds he starts gaging, vomiting bile, pacing & eating grass again, then he is having bad acid reflux, there’s a big difference with a dog coughing, spluttering & making that awful sound I hear some smaller dogs make & a dog with acid reflux, you see them stressing, eating & pulling at grass & eating anything in their path when they have acid reflux, the acid comes up into the throat, leaves an awful taste.. Patch was lucky cause I suffer with acid reflux & have to take meds & so does Patches IBD vet & he knew all the signs & he told me to feed Patch a white meats like Turkey, white Fish, Chicken easy to digest meats & low fiber foods, no fermentable fibers foods that sit in the stomach & ferement..

    Boil some sweet potato, broccoli & add meat & feed this for 1 of his meals & see if he does better then when he eats the THK base + protein??… Start keeping a diary & see whats he eating when this happens or does he wake up some mornings & wants to go outside first thing of a morning to eat grass? then you’ll have more information to tell the vet.. maybe feed 3-4 smaller meals a day, I do 2 meals at night 5pm is 1 cup meal & 8pm is 1/3 a cup meal & that gets Patch thru to the morning 7am feed..

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    Susan I feed him in a slow eating bowl elevated. Would it be better to put it on the floor instead? He’s so much better. I hope the reglan healed him.If he starts again I’m taking him to UGA vet school for an endoscopic. Thanks

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    I’m still having trouble with Baileys digestive system. Thurs. night he started having diharea. Pacing and then loose mucus stools with blood. My vet x-rayed his whole body and found nothing.He gave him shot of cerenia and put him on clavamox, tyrosine andmetronidazole(flagella). Today is the 3rd day and he just had a big pile of bloody mucus(bright blood)He said it could be a hilateal hernia. I am frightened to see blood coming from him. He’s eating boiled chicken and rice.He has a fair appetite.The X-rays said his colon was empty(no duh)How long should I wait before I take him to UGA vet school. Er’re also still doing Pepcid. I am so worried about him. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    I would go to the emergency vet, now, today, if it was my dog. Put him in the car and go.
    It is irresponsible for anyone to advise you differently (over the internet), no vets here.
    Even if there was a vet here, they have not examined your dog.
    Do not give over counter meds and such unless a vet that has examined the dog and that knows his history instructs you to do so.
    PS: The meds he is on may have to be tweaked, changed or discontinued right away, as they may be causing some of the symptoms that you describe.

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    Hi Weezerweeks,
    I wouldn’t be stressing out to much, sounds like your vet has given the best drugs in this situation, Metronidadazole & Clavamox…it will take a good 5-14 days to start seeing some good results.
    Pepcid (Famotidine) is an old ant acid drug 1979, we do not use Famotidine anymore in Australia, there’s better ant acid drugs now…Zantac (Ranitidine) replaced Famotidine & might work better or ask vet about giving a stronger ant acid medication like Omerpazole (Losec)…1/2 the dose 10mg once a day, the Pepcid might not be reducing the acid in stomach, it would of been good if vet arranged an Endoscope & Biopsies to see what’s happening in his stomach & bowel….
    I’d stop the boiled rice it could be irratating an inflammed bowel?
    I boiled sweet potato + some boiled pumkin, only add about 1 teaspoon of the boiled Pumkin you can freeze cooked pumkin in ice cube trays & take out when needed.
    Another very easy to digest food is egg, whisk 1 egg & put in microwave & lightly cook scramble egg…
    also when this all started what did he eat that whole day & the days before?
    does he eat the same diet 24/7 or do you rotate & change his food around?
    Im very curious if you’re feeding a pet food & which one ??

    Pooing blood & having mucus poos can be from food sensititivies/intolerances, sometimes after a dog eats the same food 24/7 they can all of a sudden start reacting to an ingredient in their diet, he might of had light red streaks of blood thru his earlier poos & you never noticed the blood streaks & still feeding the same ingredient that he’s become intolerant too making things worse, he might be eating treats something isnt agreeing with him??

    When it comes to stomach & bowel problems the best thing to have done is Endoscope or Colon Scoped + BIOPIES, Biospies are a must & the vet will have more answers, the Metronidazole will start clear this all up & will reduce any inflammation, it just needs time..

    Do you follow Dr Judy Morgan? go onto her Facebook page look to your left & click on “Video’s” & look for her “Pancreatitis Diet” & her “IBD IBS Diet” & start feeding a cooked diet, if you’re feeding any dog foods/treats etc, always keep a diary write all this down & see is there a pattern when he eats whatever he eats, does it happen again, also does he go on walks could he have picked up something, someone given him a little treat?

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    Anon he’s under a vets care. Susan thank u so much for your suggestions. Bailey is a 7 lb 9 year old rescued yorkie. I’ve had him for 7 years. I give him preference pre mix by THK and veg to bowl premix by Dr. Harvey. I rotate these 2 and I add the protein. I change the protein every week. Turkey, chicken, ground round, version, salmon, tuna etc. for treats he gets freeze dried tripe, the honest kitchen treats. One of these a day.I rotate them. I also add yogurt to his meal at night and a teaspoon of kefir at night. I add a joint supplement because he has luxating pettalar(not bad a 1) I was also giving him foriflora probiotic when he got sick. I also rotate them springtime, mercolas. He also gets Nordic natural fish oil and 3 times a week coconut oil.I also give him a digestive enzyme(prozyme) This is the first time he’s had direahea. He usually has nausea. My vet at this time does not want to do a scope but if needed he will send me to UGA vet school.He also walks a mile every morning with my husband and at night I walk around the block with him. He loves to walk and sniff. I know that he’s 9 1/2 now but that’s not old for a yorkie. Thanks for ur input. I will ask Dr. Mac about the losec and Zantac.

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    Weezerweeks, I don’t know if this will be of any help or not, but as you know I use kefir and Lucy eats 90% THK Preference w/ground round and 10% Wellness Simple Turkey. When I first switched her to Preference, she was getting 50% kibble. At that time I was able to give her an omega oil capsule daily without any issues. Now that she is eating mostly THK and ground round, she does not tolerate any additional oil and I drain part of the fat off the ground round. I was trying to add just a couple of drops of the omega capsule, but the next day she would throw up in the morning and would belch every time she drank water. Do you remember if the nausea spells came when you were feeding a particular protein? If it was a higher fat protein along with the additional fat of the fish oil and coconut oil, that could cause the nausea. Too much fat can also cause diarrhea, but I have no idea if it played a role in the diarrhea this week. I do think you should try potatoes or sweet potatoes instead of the rice.

    As an experiment, try cutting back some on the fish oil and coconut oil. Preference contains coconut and kelp, and you are able to feed a wide enough variety of proteins, that overall the diet is not lacking in omegas. I would not use kefir and yogurt at the same time–I would alternate days or give one in the morning and the other at night.

    By any chance, had you started a new box of Preference when the diarrhea hit? I had a horrible time these past few months while they were experimenting with a smaller grind. Several were shipped to me that were over half bananas and apples, but it appears now they have gone back to their original grind.

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    Some dogs do not tolerate clavamox very well. Diarrhea is a known side effect. I would consult your vet.

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    Hi Weezerweeks
    I hope this link works, it’s Dr Judy Morgan “Pancreatitis Diet” Video & Judy talks about Scout her 15 & 1/2 year old Cavalier Charles he has a few health problems, he can’t have any salmon/fish oils it sets his Pancreatitis off….
    This recipe is good, you just need a Crock Pot you can tweek it a bit & leave a few ingredients out like the organ meats for now as they can cause diarrhea, Judy explains what all ingredients are for & what health benefits/vitamins they have… https://www.facebook.com/JudyMorganDVM/videos/1347288501986822/

    You sound like you’re doing everything right, feeding a healthy diet, Judy Morgan explains how Beef is higher in fat, I didnt realise this I was buying the 5 stars very lean beef mince & I was making Patch his Beef Rissoles & Patch became unwell all of a sudden but he was OK the week before eating the same beef rissoles this also happened with Dr Judy’s dog Scout he was OK then all of a sudden he’s having a flare, so Judy said she doesnt feed beef every day now,
    then Scout has another flare & all she had been adding a few drops of Salmon Oil & that was it he’s having diarrhea & didn’t eat 1 of his meals but he was OK 24hrs later cause she realise what was causing Scouts flare, my Patch still has a really good appetite when he has been real sick, this is what confusses his vet.. Judy talks about Yorki’s how they’re prone to Pancreatitis, but I cant remember if it’s in the beginning of this video, I just watch 2 of Judy videos & though of your little man… This Pancreatitis recipe is for when the stomach, pancreas & bowel isnt working properly & needs a rest, Chicken & Turkey are the easiest meats to digest & are lowest in fat, this Pancreatitis recipe is digested for the dog, its like a soup in the end, I think I wouldn’t cook it for the 12 hours, it’s too long, Dr Judy explains at end of video how you can thicken it up a bit more cause licking soup type meals can cause vomiting in some dogs….. I hope your boy is feeling better the drugs would be making him feel a bit sick they do with Patch…

    @Cockier Mom,
    we think alike our dogs all must suffer with the same health problems…

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    Anon1 My vet is the one who prescribed it. I think you mean well but every thing is see ur vet. Are u a vet? Lol

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    The symptoms you described could be an acute medical emergency.
    You said he never had diarrhea before and has now had massive bloody diarrhea times 3 days.
    If you don’t like my opinions, please ignore them, someone else may benefit.

    Peace out

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    Hi weezerweeks-
    I’m sorry your pup is having such a hard time. I know it is stressful. Have you told your vet that he has diarrhea now that he is on the new meds?

    My cat was put on an antibiotic a few years ago when he had a high fever and not doing well. He started having diarrhea and the vet thought it could very well been from the antibiotic and switched meds for him. The diarrhea stopped and he eventually got better.

    I’m not sure it was clavamox or not. But, just to let you know that certain meds can actually have some bad side effects and should be switched to something else.

    I’d keep his meals very simple right now and discontinue any of the supplements until he gets better. Good luck. I hope he gets better soon.

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