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    we let our dogs chew on our deer carcasses after we cut off all of the meat. should we stop this? none of our dogs have had any problems but my uppity neighbor says that venison can cause problems for canines is this true? anyone have any experience with dogs eating wild game?

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    If the deer doesn’t have that wasting disease that is going around, it should be OK. My dogs get venison, but I do freeze it for a couple weeks first.

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    +1 ^above post. My yard enjoys them. I use to have a deer steaming in front of porch during our cold winter being carved. I would give my Kangal an entire leg to chew, by morning it would be gone. I can’t hunt now disabled, but maybe trade for your extra deer bones?

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    Its fine to feed ribs/neck bones etc, but its best to avoid the leg bones because those are weight bearing bones and can fracture teeth.

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