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    Michelle K

    Has anyone heard of or tried the “coast and Range” dog food brand? I believe they are based out of Illinois. I have a hard time finding food for my dog because he is allergic to so many things. This brand would be an option… I just dont know anything about them, and they have not been reviewed nt anyone yet!

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    Steve C

    Following, wondering the same thing

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    Marie B

    I just purchased from Coast+Range. The are in Danville California. The dry dog food is custom matched to your dog based upon health requirements. Both my chihuahuas developed DCM from homemade dog food and also VDog, I believe. Coast+Range has good to address that issue. I just ordered and time will tell.

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    mara S

    I started my 6 month old standard poodle on this food 2 weeks ago and so far she seems to enjoy the food.
    Her stools are a little loose at times but this can be normal when switching food.
    I contacted coast and range and they suggested to slow the transition and add small amount of organic pumpkin to her food. I will post in the future how she is doing with coast and range.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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