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    John N

    Anybody know what are the cheapest dry food that has zero or has only 1-2 minor red items? I don’t really mind low protein % since my dog gets plenty of protein in his raw meat meals.

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    Affordable foods with few red items are Victor Grain Free, Victor Select, and all of the Earthborn Holistic kibbles (grain free and grain inclusive).

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    Also Dr. Tim’s grain free and grain inclusive.

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    Whole Earth Farms, both with and without grains do not have any red ingredients and are budget friendly.

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    Depends what you’re looking for as far as “cheap” . In relativity, things like Fromm’s, Simply Nourish + many of the others that have already been mentioned are less than other 4-5 star food choices. Authority Grain Free runs pretty reasonable as well

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    John N

    Thanks for the suggestions! By cheap, I mean around $1.50/pound or less. Think I’ll try that Whole Earth Farms or Earthborn Holistic.

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    Nutrisource regular line runs around $1.66/lb.

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    Pure Balance is cheap too, if you don’t mind Walmart.

    Ever thought of couponing? I get foods like Wellness for about $1.75 a pound (or less! Best I’ve done on Wellness is $2 for every 4 pound bag). I recently paid $30 for 30 pound of Pet Botanics, 20 pounds of cat litter, several cans of cat food, and a bag of cat treats. It would have costed about $150 with out coupons (which I’d never pay LOL). And thats not even the best I’ve done!

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    Travis A

    Zach’s Quality Dog Food is $0.66/LB for their puppy food and their most expensive is still only $0.75/LB and their food is rated 4.5 stars on here and ingredients only have 3 red: Brewers dried yeast, beet pulp, and garlic. That’s the same with all their products. I currently have my 2 boys Pit/(boxer/lab) mixes and they love it and are doing well on it. I purchased their puppy product and it was $32.50 for 50lb bag. For a 4.5 even a 4 star food that’s unheard of, i did the research as it seemed questionable for that price but it all seems to check out as a good quality company and product. I have posted this brand recently on a few blogs but that’s because i do believe it to be a good quality kibble that’s extremely affordable and way cheaper than other comparable products at least in my recent findings, hope this helps.

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    Where can I buy Zach’s Dog Food in Minnesota? I foster a lot of dogs and the price of great dog food is killing me!

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    Bobby dog

    Hi Tindaisy:
    Zach’s has a Facebook page and here’s is a link to their website with a find store option:

    Also check out Victor’s website, find a dealer tab, if you can buy it locally it is very budget friendly also:

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