Cat ripped a hole in bag of kibble – can I still feed it to my dogs?

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    Tracey Q

    I purchased a new bag of kibble yesterday. In the middle of the night, our cat ripped a small hole in the top of the bag (about the size of half dollar). I didn’t notice the hole until early afternoon today and immediately closed it, taped it shut, and put the entire taped bag into a dog food container. So the hole was in it for about 12 hours. I know that oxygen accelerates the kibble oxidation process which eventually turns the kibble rancid. Can I still feed this to my dogs? This is a 24 lb bag of Canidae and I’d hate to have to throw it out!

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    Were you not planning on feeding the new bag right away? Still finishing up a previous bag of kibble? Taping it up and getting the most air out of the packaging as possible while it is being stored is a good idea. Having the package opened whether by cat or by opening to feed it has the same outcome. Since the bag is opened, it should be used as soon as possible. Some sites suggest using a bag of kibble within 3 weeks of opening.

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    Tracey Q

    My concern was that it was open for 12 hours rather than being opened, taking the food out, and then closing it. So air was getting in it for 12 hours before I noticed and closed it, taped it, and also put the entire bad in a container. I’m transitioning my dog to this food right now, so hopefully it’s fine.

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    Alicja G

    I had the same once. After 24 hours, there were no problems.
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