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    I’ve posted a thread or two with some canned questions… My Maddy is a spoiled littl girl, and I just started her on canned food a couple months ago.

    I’m curious as to what favorite brands are, and is it safe to switch brands regularly without a transition? She has free choice of dry, and then gets about 1/4-1/2 of a 6oz can daily. I wanted to keep her on just one or two brands, then switch the flavors out since rotating meat sources is good. But Ms. Picky Pants /only/ likes foods with poultry as the first ingredient. So I thought that changing the brands would be good since some have liver as the 2-3rd, some have fish, etc.

    So far I’ve tried Natural Balance, Chicken Soup, and Felidae. So far her favorites are Felidae and CS, she likes NB, but not as much as the other two. I’d like to try a few others as well, since I’m using DFA’s canned ratings as a guideline – I’d definitely assume the same brand would produce the same quality for both cat and dog foods.

    Also, I am getting a bit concerned as far as oral health goes. She eats little-to-no dry anymore, and doesn’t bat an eye at our other cat’s raw bones. Brushing is obviously out (that’d be a miracle to see – a cat who’d allow you to brush its teeth!), so the only thing I can think of (other than regular dentals by a vet) is water additives? Does anyone have a favorite brand? So far, about the only one that I have tried is TropiClean… (I had an organic one, I looooved it. But it was in a specialty store far away, so I doubt I’ll be able to get it again) I’m not too impressed with it, honestly.

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    Don’t have kitties, but I will bump it up for others to see. 🙂

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    Thanks XD Ms Maddy is keeping me from going to sleep right now… I’m on my tablet, all the lights are off, and she is taking up my pillow. Only because the countless pillows, blankets, and furniture is just not good enough for her royal highness *rolls eyes*
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    Her Royal Highness is very beautiful! I am very budget oriented when I buy pet food due to having too many. LOL! But, I switch brands and flavors daily with the canned cat food. I’m topped out (hopefully) at four indoor cats right now. I mix it up not only because I believe it’s healthier, but to also make sure each cat gets something they like everyday. I buy Petsmart’s Authority, Nutro Max, Friskies Poultry Platter, Chicken Soup, and Weruva’s Cats in the Kitchen. I only buy the big cans. I have also bought Petco’s Soulistic, but they don’t seem to like it as much. The bigger male cats get some kibble also. I rotate between Wellness Core, Earthborn Primitive and Vantage, Taste of the Wild, Premium Edge and trying out Victor kibble right now. Good luck!

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    Bobby dog

    Hi Shasta:
    I have plenty of cats, five, who decided to live with me. Like C4c I have a budget to keep in mind for my zoo. I pretty much feed the same brands as C4c. I highly recommend you check out catinfo.org for cat food info and other tips; it’s my go to site for my cats like this site is for my dog. I have guidelines I try my best to follow and feed mostly poultry based canned foods without fish, wheat, corn, soy, and little to no starches if possible. However, my cats are older and like what they like, they need their fish and dry food fixes so they do get fish a couple times a week and a little GF kibble daily.

    I rotate brands and flavors frequently, but I would suppose it would be up to your cat to decide if she likes rotation or not. I even mix different brands and flavors together if they seem to be tiring of what I am feeding. I look for GF kibble without fish meal. I feed Wellness GF Turkey & Duck meal (my favorite kibble for them) and Merrick GF chicken kibbles. I have recently fed Innova Prime GF chicken kibble and will probably add that to my rotation.

    I like and have fed the brands you listed. I regularly feed EVO, Merrick, Wellness, 4Health, Soulistic (chic flavors only), and Tiki cat canned foods. I will buy any quality brand on sale that meet all or most of the standards I follow for pet food purchases. Cats are funny creatures, they pretty much will tell us what they will eat and when they will eat it, but you got to love that about them!

    As far as oral health, I haven’t had too many issues with my cats through the years and I have never tried any oral health products for pets. When I see tarter on their teeth I have always been able to remove it gently myself (with my fingernails) and my Vet says all their teeth look good.

    PS: your kitty is beautiful!!

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    jakes mom

    just started grain free canned trying to help one of my cats with chronic ear infections. All 5 of my cats absolutely loved Wellness turkey formula, but none liked the chicken flavor.
    As far as dental health, I read somewhere that giving them a bit of meat to gnaw on helps scrape off some plaque/tarter. Anybody have experience or opinion on that? I’m a little nervous about giving them raw meat altho I know there’s a lot of raw food fans out there.

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    Sometimes Maddy gets some raw. We give Millie a piece of bone-in raw daily, and I encourage Maddy to chew on it a bit.

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    Bobby dog

    Hey Shasta:
    What bone-in raw do you give your kitties? I would like to try that on my kitties.

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