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    I have a 5 yr old male Boxer– about two-two and a half years ago we began having issues with him– at first it was vomiting once in a while- then went to vomiting everything he ate– We ran blood test-did xrays-barium series-ultrasound-tried meds- almost did surgery however after ultrasound we figured out no obstruction so no need- All the sudden he was fine again-this continued off and on for another year before blood work finally came back with HIGH lipase and amylase pointing us towards pancreatitis. Switched from Rotation diets that he had been on his whole life to LOW fat food- Even on low fat food issues continued repeated bloodwork/xrays/ultrasounds and so on over the last two years- ONLY thing out of normal was Pancreas enzymes and they have come back HIGH every time- during these episodes he seems painful in abdomen/refuses to eat/some times will vomit–during this time we tried to keep him on ONE food only and stop rotation diet–but with refusal to eat we switched to other low fat foods- when switching he was very interested in his food and would eat for a bit and then stop again unless food was switched– We at that time thought He is used to rotation diets lets try it and see what happens– Found low fat diets/raw to rotate and episodes would come and go (usually lasting 1-2 days) Each episode we re-ran bloodwork- NO episode required hospitalization- Finally something else showed up on bloodwork– His platelet count was dropping– ran again it dropped more (still HIGH lipase and amylase) At that time we ran Accuplex 4 for Tick Borne disease. Came back Positive for anaplasmosis *he has always been on prevention but obv something didn’t work* HE showed NO other signs than the above stated– At that time we put him on a 30 day round of doxycycline—after that round of meds re-ran bloodwork and for first time in since this started and his amylase and lipase was HIGH IT all came back NORMAL!! Including Platelet count– Since then we have decide to take him off Low fat diets and see IF Pancreas issues rise again– We have NOT had any noticeable issues other than the fact at times he will refuse to eat– Seems normal other wise– We cont. to rotate diets and when we start a “new” one in the rotation he is very interested and eats but after a few days he is back to not being all the interested in it again— We have used many diets in the rotation with NO other issues with both our boxers (other has NO issue eating anything you give her) We have used Nature’s Variety Prairie and Instinct– Wellness Core= Natural Balance LID–Grandma’s Lucy’s Freeze Dried Raw–Natural Balance Raw Rolls=and rotated between different proteins- from Chicken/Beef/Lamb/Duck/Buffalo/Salmon… DOES anyone have any ideas of WHY he is doing this and seems uninterested after a couple days— HE even does it with RAW===We are thinking the pancreas issues was due to tick borne disease but at this time are only testing that and aren’t positive since it is NOT a known affect of it–however anything is possible– I am lost on this– have done everything medically that I know to do- Spent TONS of money testing and retesting and buying different foods- NOTHING seems to matter– This is a almost 6 yr old male INTACT boxer=-he was trained in Schutzhund so was always fit and trim but has since been pulled from field due to health years ago and I can NOT get weight on him for anything- He goes from 50-60 lbs at most times– I ONCE got him up to 68-70 lbs but that never last long– SORRY so long but want to give us much information as possible. Anyone ever dealt with something like this– Any ideas?

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    Not eaten same food after a couple of days is telling me he’s feeling off, Has he had a Endoscope down his throat to look at his stomach.. Ive had alot of problems with my 5 yr old rescued Staffy, vets thinking its Pancreastis then stomach ulcers then stomach bacteria then Small intestine overgrowth bacteria, He was put on Metronidazole for 2 weeks, this helped I think as he wasnt waking up thru the night while taking this med, my boy has pain on his right side under his rib cage he’ll have this for 2-3 days then he’s fine again, did blood test but they came back normal but the test was done when he was feeling Ok & eating, so next time I have to do blood test when he has his pain, some mornings has to eat his grass some mornings vomites yellow bile, then the vet wanted to open him up I said NO, In February after being up half the nite with Patch in pain uncomfortable couldnt sleep pain right side, I booked him for a Ultra Scan but they couldnt do the Ultra Scan for 4 days, the day before Ultra Scan was due he was all better, playing, so I cancelled the Ultra Scan just in case it come back normal like the blood test he had done last September, I gave him a third of a Zantac 1 hour before food every 12 hours there’s been no more vomiting 3 times a week, he’s being naughty, so he’s feeling good again but last Monday he had his pain under the rib cage again & was uncomfortable when sleeping it lasted 3 days again, now he’s good again, I have him on a low protein kibble 22% Fat-10% fiber-1.70% Eukanuba Intestinal, its easier to digest less work on their stomach, Im in the middle of changing his kibble to another Limited Ingredient kibble with low protein again, Patch also has trouble holding his weight.
    I’d say after ur dog has eaten he’s having his pain so then he’s not interested in that food again as its made him unwell…Have you tried wet instead, I would but my boy gets diarrhea, next time he refuses to eat lay him on his left side so u can feel his right side & have him real relaxed then start pushing around & under his right rib cage where it starts to go around & see if he flinches, I googled a dogs anatomy to see whats there & its their Gall Bladder, Pancreas & Stomach is towards their spine more… there was something else Ive forgotten I think it was their sspleen…If only they could talk…

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    Thank you for the post- Sorry to hear your going through something like this too– It is hard to see them like this and not know what to do– At this time when he refuses food he does NOT seem to be in pain- We have felt around on his sides and stomach and nothing where as before he would flinch and his stomach would be rock hard– He will just walk up to the food and walk away like hmm that’s not interesting– Before he would stand at his food and hunch up and act like he wanted to eat but would refuse to eat and then would pace and pant pace and pant.. That was our clue he was having an “episode” again- We have not done endoscope or anything at this time that has required him go under- He also has a heart murmur so putting him under is not taken lightly and will ONLY be done as a last resort and ONLY if it has to be done- I trust my vets 100% as I work for them and have for 11 years but they too are at a loss as to why he refuses food–NOW at this time when he refuses food he will gladly take treats where before during an episode he wouldn’t even do that–and yes If only they could talk and tell us what is wrong– WOULD be so much easier..

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    chrissy r

    Im fosteri.g a boxer male 4 years the previos owner fed him spaghetti,pizza fries and alittle iams once in awhile. Hes been on ivs and probiotics and i/d canned and dry im trying to find him a better food i feed my other dogs natural balance and was looming at that brand but the synergy does anyone know anyother top foods that may help???

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    Something that is low in fat, Ive been looking & found Wellness Complete health Senior wet to have the lowest fat 4% or the Complete health senior dry 10% fat or Nutro Lite kibble 9% fat or wet 4% fat, also Holistic Select senior health Chicken Meal & rice, 10% fat, Vet told me keep the fat under 9% its a bit hard when alot of the kibbles are 14%-20% fat, so I found the Senior ones are lower in fat, the Weight Management kibbles are low in fat BUT the fiber is really high in some up to 10% fiber too high when they have stomach problems I think…Ive been cooking boiled chicken Pumkin & sweet potato & just giving that for breakfast & the kibble of a night I have my boy on the vet prescription diet Eukanuba Intestinal 10% fat, I think in America you have the Iams vet diets…but the ingredients have corn but the corn must help something cause his poos are excellent..

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    Scott P

    I to have a Boxer, Tank, thats about 4 years old with increase Lipase values. He also has a low platelet value which is slightly below the normal value range. I realize this is an old post but wondering if there are any new findings. The anaplasmosis diagnosis, followed by Doxycycline sounds intriguing. I will continue to research and monitor his levels for now. Thanks for any new info you all may have, Tank and I appreciate the help.

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    Hi Jen,

    I’m sorry to hear that you are going through this with your dog. I know how upsetting this must be for you.

    In the case of pancreatitis, Dr. Dobias recommends giving FeelGood Omega as it beneficial to cell repair and helps to heal the pancreas. This has really helped our dog.

    I’ve also included a few articles here that I trust will be useful to learn more about the topic of Pancreatitis.

    Pancreatitis in Dogs Treatment & Prevention Natural Approach:

    What Causes Pancreatitis in Dogs and What you can do:

    The Mad Science of Processed Food Making:

    A high-quality protein diet is much better for dogs suffering from pancreatitis than starch, rice or a grain-based diet. He does not recommend feeding a low protein diet, but he does recommend lower fat meats for dogs with pancreatitis. Chicken, turkey, kangaroo, llama, rabbit and eggs are good examples of low-fat foods. He doesn’t recommend fatty meats, such as duck or lamb, or large red meat animals (beef, buffalo or bison) as they are higher in inflammatory factors.

    I hope this helps your pup. Wishing you both the best in good health!
    Judi & Chipy

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