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    jodie f

    I’ve been looking for a good mv online but am conflicted, so much info. what do you all use? I’ve been using pet tabs complete but want to switch to a better, more intensive mv.

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    I’m curious. Why are you feeding a multivitamin? Are you doing your own homemade meals?

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    GNC has a dog multivitamin I use for my dogs, every other day. I think their diet is pretty good, but I add it just in case. It makes me feel better 🙂

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    I would be curious as to what you were feeding also, Jodie. If you’re feeding foods that are complete and balanced, which include added vitamins and minerals, an additional multivitamin might be too much of a good thing.

    Does your dog have any particular health concerns?

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    I use Standard Process’s Canine Whole Body Support for only one of my dogs and that is because she is 16 years old and has some health issues now. My dogs are commercial raw frozen fed, also at times freeze dried. Their treats are fruits and veggies. Nothing processed so that, in theory, the other two (6 years old) don’t need any supplements so they don’t get any. I only started adding the supplements to my old girl a couple of years ago on a regular basis. My theory with her is that at her age and health issues she could use a bit of extra help.

    IMHO, Pet Tabs are one of the worst multi-vitamins on the market complete or otherwise. As I said, just my opinion.

    Standard Process Canine Whole Body Support can be purchased on line or directly from Standard Process through a veterinarian. It’s a whole food supplement in powder form, comes with a scoop and for my size dog I give her 1/8 tsp. 1X daily mixed into one of her meals.

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    Steve S

    I own an english bulldog and an a small American Bull dog. I’ve used these multivitamins and they work out great. http://www.musclebully.com/product/vitabully/ They say for bullies but I’ve emailed them because I have a friend who’s just got a normal jack russell terrier and wanted to know if he can take them. They said yes as they are general dog vitamins just cater toward bully breeds. Go to Amazon because It’s cheaper there. Here is the link . The reviews are great also

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    HEY …ANYONE HERE USING HARDY PET. ? heard its real good but not sure //… I have a boxer and a fox terrier. Give them a calcium supplement and salmon oil. Feed kibble as of now bt planning to divide the meals . 1/2 Raw and other kibble. Maybe will have days for both. Please share some recipes for a 2month old fox terrier .. he eats 4times a day so little confused how to divide the food, ..

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    Snowflake – It’s interesting you brought up Hardy Pet as I was just looking at it myself. After reading guidelines on WedMD, I’m not sure I need to use one for all my dogs, but I do have a couple older ones with health issues I feel could benefit from something. But reviews are so confusing. I had found a dog vitamin review website as I was reviewing Pet Tabs (I agree – stay away from them), but they highly recommended Hardy Pet. Conveniently there was a link to their site and they said that was the best pricing. But after a little searching, each of their review pages for any brand wound up with Hardy Pet at the bottom. That’s a little strange for a place that reviews products. Like Dog Food Advisor you would think there would just be a scale of stars and their review. Then I went to Amazon. Even if you don’t buy your products from Amazon, you can usually find reviews. I pay attention to 3 stars or less, they tend to be your most honest. Sure enough, there are reviews questioning this product – one person had an emergency with their dog after taking the product and couldn’t reach the company (the question wasn’t so much if the product caused the issue as it was why wouldn’t the company answer calls, emails, etc). One person never did get their money back even though it was returned within 30 days; and another said all their products list the same ingredients regardless of it’s ‘specialized’ formula. I haven’t delved into it that much yet to see if that’s true (just found it today), though maybe it depends on the amount of the ingredients in each formula, but I do see they include Brewer’s Yeast which can cause allergic reactions in many dogs. They do state they’ve done clinical trials, whether they’re independent trials or not though it does not say, and results aren’t listed. I also noticed on their FB page that some questions go unanswered. So I’m going to keep looking right now. Hopefully someone here can report if they’ve used Hardy’s and what the results were or what is recommended.

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    Judith B

    Niki R: The first thing that I became aware of is that the identifiers of each senior multi-vitamin were written in the worst English grammar possible. My alarms immediately went off as to the validity of the information for the products listed. I will definitely stay away from giving any of those medications to my loved and treasured senior dog.

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    Andrei C

    Hi dear,
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    Casey P
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    Chipy, my little rescue has been taking this organic multi-vitamin for years. He is a very healthy 8 y/o pup and loves this multi-vitamin to be mixed with his delish homemade meals. 🙂 It’s a human grade (and organic) product, so some days I also take it myself. So fun that we can share high-quality supplements with each other. Love it! 🙂

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    Jack M
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    Philip P

    Thank you for sharing your experience with multivitamins, as I am still at a crossroads whether to use them in my diet or not.

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