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    Thomas Carroll

    I am looking for a recommendation on a specific dry dog food that will help prevent bloat for my 10 year old, 90lb labrador. I’ve read that the following can increase the chances of bloat:

    -A food with fat or oil (vegetable or animal) listed in the first four ingredients.
    -Citric Acid

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    You might want to stay away from dry food, kibble expands in the stomach. Or, you could soak the kibble in the fridg in water overnight, feed one or two or three small meals per day. I would not free feed.

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    Melanie B

    Be sure to feed small meals and avoid exercise after eating. One of the biggest concerns with bloat is gastric torsion and volvulous which is usually caused by stretched ligaments holding the stomach (usually older dogs) and a large meal, usually followed by exercise. The stomach actually twists on itself causing gas to build up with no escape. If this happens this is a true emergency and your dog should see a vet ASAP.

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    A slow feed bowl and feeding 3 meals a day has been known to help deduce the risk. Unfortunetly dogs who are prone to bloat because of being deep chested or large/giant can still bloat even if you do all the right things.

    I’ve not heard anything about grains being a factor. In fact I follow a couple on YouTube with 3 huskies, one of which has bloated and they feed Dr. Tim’s Kinesis, which is grain inclusive. 3 meals a day, plus a slow feed bowl has so far stopped her from bloating again.

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