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    Kevin C

    What is the best choice for a small dog (yorkie) dry food. I have been feeding solid gold wee bits and I want to know if there is something healthier.

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    Lewis F

    There are any number of brands you can choose and the ratings of those foods are rated on this site. We have a three month old Cavapoo and have been feeding it Orijen Puppy food. For older dogs, Origen Original is about the same. Champion foods are a bit expensive, but they are rated very well. You can find them on Chewey’s web site

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    Susan W

    Two of the dogs currently in my house are considered small dogs – 15 lbs each. I feed them VeRUS. There a several things I like about VeRUS – the food doesn’t smell disgusting like dog food usually smells & the dogs poop more efficiently when eating VeRUS – but one of the absolute best things about it is the size of the kibble. The pieces are small – slightly smaller than a dime. It isn’t so small that they can inhale it or lose it easily. The pieces are mostly flat on 2 sides, so it doesn’t roll around when they (or I) drop it on the floor.
    VeRUS has been in business for almost 30 years and has never had a recall, so you know this is a good food.
    If you go to their website (which has a lot of great info, including a vendor map!), you’ll be able to fill out a contact form. The VP will email you, start a discussion about your dog, and make a suggestion on which of their foods to try. Then they’ll send you free samples. Free! A couple of little sample bags – about a cup of food in each. If your dog doesn’t like it, then you aren’t out any money.
    veruspetfoods.com – scroll down to the bottom of the page & look for Contact Us. It’s worth the few moments!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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