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    Tracy S

    My 7 month old black lab is on Fromm’s Gold Large Breed puppy. I’ve been really happy with the food – and she loves it!

    My question – has anyone run in to bad breath in your dog as a result of this food? I’m wondering if it’s either the ingredients or the small kibble size not cleaning off the teeth. The kibbles don’t even need to be crunched on.

    The other day when I brushed her teeth, I noticed a bunch of buildup on her back teeth. I scrubbed them and it seemed to help, but wondering if there is something else I should do.


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    Hi Tracey, depends if its her teeth or if the smell is coming from her stomach, my boy was put on a dog Probiotic to help with his bad breath, it helped….

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    I second Susan – the smell could be a mouth issue or a stomach/digestion issue.

    As for dental hygiene, you could give some bully sticks or other natural chews that actually help clean teeth (kibble doesn’t clean dog teeth any more than a cookie cleans human teeth). His mouth may not smell better but it will be cleaner. Or, if you would, you can give raw meaty bones – now those are supposed to really clean teeth, and combined with daily brushing, you should be good on the oral hygiene.

    For the tummy, try considering digestive enzymes and/or probiotics. They may help.

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    Casey R

    Unfortunately this has happened to my pup also once i switched her off of Natural Balance and too Fromm. She LOVES this food but her breath is out of this world!

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