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    Parul S

    Should apples be given raw or cooked to dogs? We recently rescued a 1 year old Australian Cattle dog mix and I would like to improve her diet. She has only ever eaten kibble and I can tell she doesn’t like it but doesn’t know any better. So far I have given her a bite or 2 of raw Apple, banana, coconut oil, boiled sweet potato, raw carrots, frozen green peas, frozen blueberries, raw chicken skin, cucumber and boiled egg with shell. She has loved every new addition. Any inputs would be welcome. She is 42 pounds, very energetic and the love of our lives. We are first time dog owners and would really like to do right by her.

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    It’s nice that your are feeding your pup none processed food.

    I feed my dog raw apple because he can handle it. If your dog can handle raw apple stick to it because cooking the apple does break down some of the nutrients. I normally feed my dog apple as part of his veggie nutrient blend:

    In a blender I blend:

    raw apple( I rotate with the fruits sometimes I used blueberries, or bananas, or pineapple) it helps cutdown the vinegar taste of the smoothie. Sometimes I skip the fruit and add a dollop of fresh organic honey
    fresh tumeric root
    organic virgin coconut oli
    apple cider vinger with the mother
    fresh ginger
    some green leafy veggie
    organic none synthetic vitamin powder such as Animal Essentials (but since you are still feeding kibble you don’t need this since kibble has the synthetic vitamens and you don’t want to over do it)
    calcium supplement (again since you still feed kibble this is not required)

    Keep in mind that once you start incorporating fruit which is high in sugar teeth brushing is even more essential for your pup

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    Parul S

    Thank you for your input Cannoli. If she continues with kibble In addition to the fruit, do I still have to brush her teeth?

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    Parul S,

    I am a big firm believer of daily teeth brushing. If not daily at least weekly regardless if your pup is just eating kibble, or raw only, or chewing on bones, etc.

    Nothing beats a toothbrush when it comes to cleaning the gum lines. Bones and kibble don’t get in between the gum lines.

    So in regards to your question you should always be brushing your pup’s teeth regardless what you feed him. You might like it as his doggy breath will disappear. I love it when my pup licks and kisses me. His breath never stinks..

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