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    Ryan K

    I have been struggling with a sickly dog for over a year now. He has fits of vomiting and odd behavior (carpet licking, pacing from being ill) and I have had him on various meds and prescription diets with little to no luck.

    My friend recently mentioned that her best friend’s cat was constantly sick just like my dog and she read an article about Plug-In air freshener’s making animals throw up constantly. She instantly took them out of her home and a week later her cat was healthy and never got sick again.

    I had been buying plug in’s for probably 2 years but literally had 9 plugged in around my house at all times. I took them all out and my dog hasn’t been sick now for a week. I’m crossing my fingers. Has anyone else heard of this? I have noticed a big increase in his appetite since removing them. He normally has to be cajoled to eat with wet food or broth but he has been digging into his kibble with NO additives since the plug-in’s were removed. Maybe I’m just being too optimistic that this is the solution to his issues but I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

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    joanne l

    Hi Ryan, I think that was causing problems, because dogs and cats are sensitive to smell and their lungs are breathing in things they shouldn’t. My dog will sneeze if I use carpet fresh, so I put him in the yard until I am done. Also, the smell of cleaning products bother him. I am glad you unplugged them, plus you had a lot of them in the house. Even I can’t use them they make me sick and I will cough or not be able to breath right. I found that out when I went over a friend’s house and they had 4 of them plugged in and I had to leave, but they understood. So please don’t use them anymore.

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    You can find out more about chemicals and air fresheners at ewg.org (environmental working group).

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