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    Anand B

    I have a 2 month old lab. Ever since i got her i have been researching dog food. I used to think Pedigree being popular must be great. Turns out its one of the worst. Intitially i got Royal Canin Maxi Puppy but on reading that its not much better i switched to a local brand Drools and their premium range (Focus) as their ingredients look pretty good. Since its not reviewed here would like opinion about it.

    Ingredients: Drools Focus Puppy
    Raw Material:- Real Chicken(>40%), Whole Dried Eggs, Long Grain Rice, Oatmeal, Flax Seed Oil, Sunflower Oil, Fish Oil, lecithin, salt, Beet Pulp. Vitamins:- Vit A: 22000 IU, Vit D3: 1500 IU, Vit E: 250 Mg, Vit C: 150 Mg, B1: 8 Mg, B2: 22 Mg, B6: 11 Mg, Choline: 2500 mg, folic acid- 2 Mg,Beta-carotene-50mg and Others: Natural Antioxidants (Rosemary Extract),L Cranitine, Probiotics and Prebiotics,Essential Amino Acid , Organic mineral.

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    Sheila H

    Check reviews on Amazon. Mixed reviews, but primarily positive. However, it contains corn and wheat, according to one reviewer.

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    Anand B

    Hmmm. Their webpage specifically mentions

    No wheat, corn or soya
    No Chicken or meat by products
    No artificial colors or flavors


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    Hi Anand.
    I just click on your “Drools Focus” link & it looks pretty good, it tells you how much raw protein is in the food 40%, normally pet foods never write how much meat protein % is in their formula cause of the plant proteins like Chickpeas, Lentils they also up the protein %…. People don’t reliese ingredient list are written when the ingredients are raw, so after ingredients are cooked they move into different positions on the ingredient list…
    Just make sure you rotate between a few different brands that have different meat proteins & ingredients so your boy eats different ingredients & he’s not just eating the same brand 24/7, rotating kibbles & foods strengthens the immune system & reduces the risk of allergies & other symptoms developing later on, also some kibble/brands are very high in toxins as we are learning, there’s no testing in pet foods for toxins…. Google “Toxins & Contaminates in Pet Foods”.

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    Hi Anand-
    Congratulations on your new pup! I have two six year old male golden labs. It is extremely important to feed large breed puppies a food that has the appropriate amount of calcium and phosphorous due to being prone to hip dysplasia and joint issues.

    There is a great article on the subject on the review side of this site. Click on the library tab at the top of this page.

    Slow, steady growth and limit exercise and jumping while they are growing is also helpful. I’d stick with a well known brand if I were you.

    Good luck. Check back in to let us all know how it’s going!

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    Randy D

    Susan, if you look at the victor website, they tell you the percentage of protein from meat, plants and grains for each food. Just FYI. Here is a link to an example. https://victorpetfood.com/product-items/hi-pro-plus/?portfolioCats=164%2C165%2C135%2C134%2C133%2C153%2C159%2C160

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    Hi Randy,
    This is excellent what Victor is doing, I wish more pet food companies would do this if they
    have nothing to hide……
    Victor writes the Meat Protein %, the Plant Protein % & the Grain Protein %….Victor also does the “General Anaylsis” probably got sick of people contacting them wanting to know the max protein %, fat %, fiber, carbs etc.. I don’t know why it’s called General Analysis for it should be called “Guaranteed” Anaylsis, cause the general analysis is recognized by AAFCO, where the Guaranteed Anaylsis isn’t recognized by AAFCO, when I see the words Guaranteed I asume it’s 100% Guaranteed but it isn’t in pet foods… I noticed Victor has NO Chickpeas or Lentils in their pet foods, I’m not into feeding dogs or cats chickpeas or lentils, maybe when they’re further down the ingredient list past 5th ingredient OK but when I see Chickpeas, Lentils as 2nd, 3rd & 4th ingredient that’s not a good thing, Victor is still making their grain free kibbles with Sweet Potatoes, it’s good Victor haven’t taken the cheap & easy route & added chickpeas & lentils to their grain free formula’s which is a good thing..
    I use to recommend Victor pet food then so many other pet foods came out like “Sport Dog Food” & they were comparing all their ingredients & Analysis with Victor dog foods & Sport Dog were cheaper in price & Sport Dog uses Freeze Dried ingredients, so I started recommending Sport Dog Elite instead of the Victor, have you seen the “Sport Dog Elite” range?? 30lbs for $58 or their G/F Large Breed 30/14 formula, 50lbs for $75, is that cheap??

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