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    Robert S

    I am not the brightest. What does this tell me.
    860 kcal/kg, 311 kcal.

    how does 860 relate to 311. If this has been explained before please give me the link. Thank You, Bob

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    The 860 Kcal/kg, 860 calories is the Measurement of energy content of the food.
    The 311 Kcal/12.7 oz can is the calories of the whole can. Hope this helps.

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    Robert S

    Thank you! So in this case if my dog needs 311 calories per day I would feed them 1 can a day. I presently feed them 1/2 cup, 4oz per day. They weigh 12 pounds mini dachshunds. If i feed a can a day they would be putting on weight. I just don’t quite get it.

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    Tammy C

    Just curious, where did you get the info that your dog needs 311 calories a day? I have a 15 lb. terrier and he only needs 306 calories per day. Maybe your dachsunds are very active? Also, if they are not gaining or losing weight that is your best indicator for how much to feed, usually.

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    Robert S

    I used caculator on this site. If I use 11lb it is 301 calories per day for senior dog. I think I just answere my guestion. The 311 KCal is for a cup 8 oz not total can of food I feed. So if i give my dog 50 calories of treats per day I would decrease the 301 to 251 calories. since i feed 2 x’s daily shecwould get 125 kCal each feeding. about 3.3 oz each feeding or 6-7 oz per day. So a can of dig fod with 311 KCal, 13. oz can should last 2 days. (I was trying to make the 860 number for the can and 311 for a cup however mathematically it didn’t work. So I started wondering if the 311 was for the can 13. oz.)

    I recently went on wet food. I weigh them often since on wet food. I have tried different food and KCal can be different. So I was just trying to understand the label. They love the wet.

    Our female will be 15 in july and has a nass in her abdomen which we assume is slow growing cancer. Plus she has lost some teeth.
    Anyway putting her on Canidae Pure Grain Free lamb & chicken has made her into a different dog.

    Our male wire hair dachshund has started seizures. I believe that he is a carrier of or has Lafora so I lowered the starch he gets. I feed him Castor & Pollux Butcher and Buhels grain free stew (if on sake) or Merrick whole Earth Grain Free stew. I usually mix some kibbles EVO with his to keep cost down.

    Thanks for your help. I have better understanding.

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    Hi Robert,
    All the various brands of canned food I have looked at show the Kcal/kg and the Kcal/can of food. The above poster did not explain clearly what Kcal/Kg is–it is the amount of kcals in a kilogram. In the example you posted, 860 kcal is for 1 kilogram (1000 grams) of food. If there is 311 kcals in the can it would contain around 361 grams (aprox 12.9 ozs –28 grams in an oz.). If you are feeding your girl 3.3 oz twice a day, that is aprox 159 calories in canned food from the example. If you are feeding Canidae lamb, turkey and chicken it is 1200 Kcal/kg so she would be getting around 270 calories a day with treats which sounds about right.

    Hope this clarifies kcal/kg and good luck with your babies.

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